Eat Boutique Holiday Market

displayOn Saturday I was able to sneak away to Boston for the afternoon to partake in Eat Boutique’s Holiday Market.  It was such a gorgeous venue, filled with makers and food vendors, and offering a packed schedule of amazing author appearances and events.  I jumped in at the last minute to get my book signed by Joy the Baker, which was certainly a thrill.  But the biggest thrill of all was connecting with Lucinda Scala Quinn, former vice president at Martha Stewart Omnimedia and author of many amazing books including, Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys.  She was so engaging, warm and welcoming, and I can’t wait to use her book to feed my hungry boys.  Even though they are only 3 and 5, I am already amazed by their appetites.  Much of my day revolves around feeding them: breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, snack.  Bowls upon bowls of fruit slices, veggies with hummus, hard boiled eggs….  It’s like shoveling coal into a fast burning furnace and I need all the help I can get to avoid getting into cooking ruts.

book table




_MG_0558Getting out to events like this is such a refreshing change of pace for me.  There is a part of me that feels that between having two kids so close together, writing book after book and juggling a freelance career, social networking fell by the wayside.  And that is such an important thing as an author.  I missed the boat by a few years in terms of social media, and as much I understand the value of networking and “getting out there” it just feels really difficult given the demands of home.  All of that to say, it was such a treat to spend an afternoon meeting movers and shakers of the food world.








5 thoughts on “Eat Boutique Holiday Market

  1. Maggie

    I got the Mad Hungry cookbook a few years ago for Christmas. I love it — and in fact, I made banana bread from its very own pages this morning!

  2. Cynthia

    Your analogy to the coal-burning furnace of feeding boys made me chuckle. It is so true and in ten years you will be completely blown away. And I have a feeling you’ll be one of those houses that their friends will be drawn to…feeding an army of young teens is a trip. I loved it and some days felt like I was a frat house cook.

  3. Maureen

    How did I ever miss this beautiful Boston venue? I would have loved it! Your photos are just beautiful…as always! I love Lucinda Scala Quinn…used to watch her cooking show based on the Mad Hungry cookbook which is one of my favorites! I used to feed a high school and later a college football team…talk about a feeding frenzy! It was great fun…I miss it so much!

  4. Xan

    Now I need to make a decision… either a 12 month visa or multiple 1 month visits… because you just won’t stop teasing me and luring with all the goodness on offer 😉 I need to talk photography with you too. I’ve been playing around a little more with my camera settings lately and I want to know more about what ones you use… pretty please with a cherry on top? I know I should be focused on the books your sharing here but I can’t get past how beautiful your photos are and the styling of that venue! I’m in love with that top photo with the jar of dried orange slices and cuttings. So much love to you beautiful friend xoxo


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