New York City

_MG_7869My husband and I have an anniversary coming up.  On September 1 we’ll be celebrating 8 years of marriage, which is quite exciting.  Unfortunately, he’ll be away on business for the actual day of our anniversary, so we figured we’d celebrate a bit early.  When work called him to NYC for the day, we decided to make it into a romantic overnight.  It was the perfect escape and we enjoyed a gorgeous dinner in the West Village, a leisurely morning in SoHo, with breakfast at The Butchers Daughter, and lots of wandering.  Although I came away with tons of inspiration, I ended up not buying a single thing.  I’m in the process of decluttering and refreshing our home right now, and I’m finding less and less desire to bring new items into our space.  Rather I’m trying to rework and repaint and refinish items that we already have.   Although when the time comes and everything is pulled together, I have no doubt a few fun accessories will be needed!





_MG_7887Because Vijay has to work on Monday, Elizabeth came on the train with us and stayed for the day so that I’d have someone to pal with.  She’s working on some fun stuff for Squam right now, and we scoured the city for the perfect fabric and accessories.  Of course that meant a stop at Purl.  It also meant lunch at ABC Kitchen, a wander through Union Square Greenmarket, and the most incredible ice cream (a scoop of ginger and a scoop of dark chocolate- combo made in heaven) from the Van Leeuwen truck.  I will dream about that ice cream until the next time I can hunt it down.





_MG_7937It seems that work will be taking my husband into the city every few months, and I am always more than happy to tag along.  I get such a creative burst of energy from these visits and I return home eager to start creating and crafting.  I’m pushing for a fall visit when the leaves are turning and the air is crisp and my needles are calling out for a cozy new fall knitting project.  We’ll see… a girl can dream.



6 thoughts on “New York City

  1. Cynthia

    Happy Anniversary! Tagging along to NYC sounds like the best work perk ever! Enjoy…and we will too with your lovely commentary and snaps.

  2. Kellen

    Happy Anniversary!!! New York is always a good idea…maybe we should meet there for a few days?! That could be fun!
    Just catching up on life after this “Summer”. It was an interesting one. I love when Fall happens as its always so full of possibility. I’ve read a few of the books you recommended. Great words. Please send more. 🙂 Love to you my friend.

  3. Maria M.

    There’s always much inspiration to be found while in New York City. It’s my favorite city of all time, and your photos capture that essence of something new and interesting on every corner.

  4. Xan

    I can’t wait to visit NYC again someday… and to soak up the different experiences when not traveling as a backpacker on a shoe-string budget! Congratulations to both you and Vijay for 8 years of marriage. I’m so glad you got to celebrate with a night away together… and You with the double bonus of some fabulous gal-pal time. Yay, I bet you two ladies would have rocked the city with your gorgeous style and how you managed to walk away without a single purchase I have no idea. Lady, your will power is impressive to say the least xo


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