Up North

_MG_6516The beauty of a Northern Michigan summer never fails to leave me speechless.  It’s the kind of beauty that catches you by surprise.  Turn a corner and there is a field of sweet peas growing with wild abandon by the side of the road, take another turn and there are cherry orchards for as far as the eye can see.  And of course the view that wins all the prizes, the turquoise shimmering lake.  It is there to greet us every morning as we wake up, and late into the evening when the sun sets and lights its waters on fire.



_MG_6626But what I love the most about our summers here, without a doubt, is the carefree fun that my boys get to experience.  It is childhood at its best, and there is nothing like it in the entire world I swear.  Yesterday we played baseball in the yard with our neighbors, and threw rocks into the lake for our family dog to chase.  We walked down the lane to pick our neighbor’s raspberries, and came home to bake muffins.  We visited the cherry orchard and picked buckets full of dark sweet cherries, and stopped by the farmers market on the way home to stock up on veggies, raw honey, blueberries and strawberries.  We scooted into town for the weekly “stroll” and popped into the little toy store to do some browsing.  We said hello to neighbors that we have shared summers with for 20 years.  We finished the night with vanilla ice cream topped with farm fresh strawberries and cherries.  Life is good.  It is beautiful and good, but in the midst of all this good there has been sorrow, and our family needs prayers right now more than ever.  Again, these are not my stories to tell and I always honor my family’s privacy, but I will say that my younger brother and my mom need lots of love sent their way this summer.  I’m keeping the faith that there is healing to be had in a place as magical as this.  Wishing you all a gorgeous summer weekend.  xo





7 thoughts on “Up North

  1. Lisa

    Sounds like a dream, Christine! I’ve never been to Michigan (save the airport…) but these posts make me wonder why. Living in the city now, I definitely miss those carefree summers of berry picking and day-long swims.

  2. Nina

    Christine, I am so glad that you are getting to experience such beautiful things this summer and I am so sorry for the sorrows your family is experiencing, as well. It seems like your family has experienced too much sorrow and uncertainty lately. I will certainly keep y’all in my prayers.

  3. Eva

    Oh Christine, I’m sorry to hear about your family’s struggles. I’m sending my best wishes, hoping that the beautiful surroundings will indeed have healing powers for you all. Greetings from Southern MI!

  4. Sandra

    Hi Christine, it does seem like a magical place where wonderful memories are made. The boys seem to be having a wonderful time. I will keep you all in my prayers.

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Thank you all for your concern- I feel very blessed to have this community in my life. I’m happy to report that things are feeling smoother with each passing day.

  5. phootnotes

    This resonates deep within me as we just got back from our annual trip near Detroit and Lake Huron with our (now three) boys. Such a change from the summers in the deep South. My heart also echoes your thoughts on the dunes…driving up North this year was a nightmare and evidence of the tourists is everywhere. we still do not have reception at our cottages sovwe can truly be unplugged! Each summer I wonder if it will be the last! Congrats on your new book! xo


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