_MG_4809I returned from Squam on Sunday feeling completely exhausted, but riding a creative high.  The exhaustion thing was totally my fault- with two of my best Squam friends, Kellen and Felicia, staying in my cabin we never seemed to make it to bed before 1am.  At our age it pretty much felt like pulling a few all-nighters in a row.  But totally worth it.  I haven’t had time for that kind of connection in a long while.  Sitting by the fire, knitting and talking about everything from why we create, to how we raise our children (and teasing each other mercilessly)…it is a magical thing indeed when you can connect so deeply with other women.





_MG_4592On Thursday I had the pleasure of taking Ann Wood’s class where we learned to hand-stitched a mushroom and seed pod (those are mine, above).  It was such a blast, and Ann is a generous and inspiring teacher.  She shared her vintage fabric collection with us- scraps of lace, indigo and hand-dyed fabrics, old wedding dresses and couture clothing- all for us to play with!  It was such a playful and creative way to spend a day.






_MG_4662When we had down time, Felicia, Kellen and I hit the open road and explored the countryside.  We even staged a little barn photo shoot, which I’ll be sure to share this week.   We stopped to get coffee and take pictures of flowers.  When you are used to having kids in the car with you, little luxuries like this feel extra decadent.





_MG_4799On Saturday night the Squam Art Fair was in full swing.  I had a booth selling a few new items from India, and right next to me was Roost, my publisher, selling a stack of Little Bites.  It was pretty thrilling to watch my friends purchase my book, and being able to sign their copy with a personal message.  What a fun way to soft launch Little Bites!






_MG_5102And even though I know they’ll want to kill me for posting this picture…my girls, looking so happy.  I’m in a wee bit of denial that I won’t be seeing them for at least another year but I’ll rest easy knowing we can pick right back up where we left off…





10 thoughts on “Squam

  1. suzan

    The magic of deep connection with other women is so well said, Christine. it never occurred to me when I was younger that that connection was the missing link. So simple…..and wonderful. Thank you for another beautiful post. xox. suzan

  2. Sarah

    ahhhhhh! looks and sounds like an AMAZING week… i NEED some squam in my life!!! can’t wait to hear ALL the dets!
    and, UMMMMMM… love you ladies rockin’ the Nani!! Your top looks AMAZING! YAHOO for a winner!!!

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Yes- we need a major catch-up session, and I need to give baby Eve some big love! I was thinking of you the whole time…”Sarah would love this class.” “Sarah and I have to make this pattern.” etc. etc. You were definitely at Squam… if only in my thoughts!

  3. Kellen

    An amazing adventure! So grateful for our time together. So grateful for two delightful friends. So grateful to have had time for laughter, a photo shoot, lattes, conversations about every aspect of life and some fun! Next time we will just pick right back up from where we left off…I know this for sure!
    Love you my friend.

  4. Xan

    One day I’m crashin’ in that cabin of yours and I’m going to learn to knit without looking so I can enjoy the smiles as we giggle the night away 🙂 Before that though… I’m Craft Sessions bound in September! Woot woot!!! Maybe I can coerce Felicia into an all-nighter 🙂 xo

    1. cchitnis Post author

      I heard from Felicia that you were attending Craft Sessions and I broke out into the biggest grin. I am so SO thrilled that you will get to experience her creative retreat. It will be amazing. I told her to take extra good care of you 🙂


  5. Felicia

    Finally somewhere with some proper wifi and trying to catch up. Such a lovely lovely weekend with the two of you. I feel so lucky to have met you both – and for the company, the wisdom, the sparring, the barns and the coffee. Can’t wait till the next time I can manage to make it across the pond. Thanks for all of it! xx


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