The Gift of Craft

_MG_4044Two years ago a young family bought the dilapidated home next to ours.  Previously, there had been a mother and daughter living there.  The house was completely run down and they had been hoarders, so the amount of stuff left behind was rather mind-boggling.  A Grey Gardens situation, if you will.  Lucky for us, the family that moved in began the long process of restoring the home to its former glory.  They have a son Vik’s age, and the boys have become fast friends.  They are expecting another baby in July; a baby girl!  You know I have a serious weakness for baby girl knits, and so I set about making a gift (or four).  Three dresses, a sweater, and a pair of bloomers later (might I have gone a bit overboard?).  I packed it all up in a large box with layers of pearly paper in between.  My neighbor was pretty blown away (and probably thinks I have way too much time on my hands!).  These are some of my favorite baby knits to date…you can see pattern details on my Ravelry page.



sweater and bloomers

_MG_4569I love knitting and sewing for others.  Nothing can match the joy of gifting something handmade.  Also this week I finished up a quilt for my nephew.  I made my niece a quilt last summer and have been working on his ever since.  I bit off more than I could chew with the pattern (triangles are not your friend if you are not a precise quilter- lesson learned).  It took me sooo long to finish.  But I love how it turned out.  Thank goodness for long-arm quilting- it hides a multitude of sins!  The quilt was packed up with love and sent on its way.

_MG_4546Of course my hands never stays still for long.  A new stack of fabrics were waiting for me and I made myself two gorgeous tops to show off at Squam (I leave today- cannot wait!).  I’ll have to get some pictures- they are my best to date!  And I have a pile of Hole and Sons yarn waiting in the wings for the perfect project.


_MG_3951But first up on the needles is a project to welcome baby Eve.  My friend Sarah gave birth to a baby girl last week, and I had the honor of being in the hospital to capture the moment where her older daughter met her new baby sister.  It was such a beautiful, beautiful moment, and it brought back so many memories of my boy’s first meeting.  These two girls are so lucky to call Sarah “mama.”  Life is so full of blessings at the moment.  What better way to celebrate than a bit of handmade, homemade love.  I’ll be back next week with images and stories from my time at Squam…I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am!  If you are going to be in the area, I’ll be at the Squam Art Fair selling some goods from India, as well as autographing copies of Little Bites at the Roost table!  Yes- the books have arrived!  Yahoo!  I can’t wait for you all to hold a copy in your hands.  It’s a beauty.


9 thoughts on “The Gift of Craft

  1. Heather

    The sweaters, especially the one with the bloomers, are just beautiful! Wow! Very, very nice gift.

  2. Cynthia

    How fortunate your family and friends are to have such a generous and loving Christine in their lives! Everything was just precious…especially the jumper layered over the dress!

  3. Sandrat

    Hi Christine, your baby girl knits are just adorable. Very pretty indeed. Your nephew’s quilt is also gorgeous. I love the colours and fabrics and the triangles were so worth it. He’s going to love it.

  4. J // afeathery*nest

    Hey there, Christine—I’ve been reading for quite a while and have always enjoyed stopping by, but I’ve recently been stuck at home with some sort of bug and to keep my spirits up I’ve been reading your archives in great big chunks at a time. They’re so charming and homey and lovely and inspiring and like the most beautiful book when read continuously!

    So, just wanted to say thank you for sharing your life with us—the pretty, the real, and the challenging.

    And these baby knits and quilts are gorgeous! I’ve long been a firm knitter (that dabbles in crochet), but you’ve given me an inkling of an idea that perhaps I should try my hand at knitting… 😉


    1. cchitnis Post author

      That is just the sweetest comment, and the highest compliment! Thank you so much for taking the time to write and share that with me. It made my day!

      I hope you are feeling better! Sending you lots of healing thoughts.


  5. Lina

    Can only to think to say ‘WOW’!! What a lovely collection of hand knits and that quilt is… man, so fresh! I’m sure you must have so many fans in the handwork department who love your style Christine! I know I do!


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