_MG_4518It finally rained this weekend; a good heavy rain.  This has been such a dry spring, and the rain was so needed.  Everything feels especially green and vibrant now.  The peonies are simply breathtaking this year (of course I say that every year).  I know the exact yards where, year after year, I stalk my favorite peony bushes.  I was excited to add a few new finds to my list this year.  I’ve been teaching the boys the names of all of my favorite flowers, and I am surprised by the fact that they have started to recognize them all on their own.  Their little minds are like steel traps, I swear.  I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for flower/ garden books that the boys might enjoy.  We read our fair share about growing veggies and fruits, and about where our food comes from, but I think they would really enjoy some books about flowers and general gardening.






8 thoughts on “Peonies

  1. Lisa Dexheimer

    Two of our longtime favorites are The Rose in my Garden and Allison’s Zinnia, both by Anita Lobel. enjoy!

  2. Kate

    I get a thrill every year when the peonies come up in my own yard. I say it every year, but they bring such joy! So fun that you can share your “peony love” with your boys. 🙂

  3. woolythymes

    just keep talking to them and pointing things out….and best of all, use the botanical names. They’ll soak it right up.
    I had a 3 yo grandson with me (years ago) at a greenhouse….he was merrily chasing a cat around, so I let him wander. He came running back to me at one point: Grandma, Grandma!!! They have a WHOLE ROOM full of PASTAS!……(well, that was hostas, but he knew exactly what he was talking about!!!!)

  4. Xan

    There are many I could recommend but right now we are loving Wild Flowers to Colour – Illustrated by Jenny Cooper, Designed by Nelupa Hussain, Written by Susan Meredith (released by Usbourne). The illustrations are gorgeous, the information is simple and perfect for children, and each page includes a second ‘blank’ illustration for children to colour themselves. Here’s the Usbourne link but it is widely available through Amazon etc.

    Enjoy xoxo


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