Because it’s my Birthday

8303876461_06fd140682_oI turn 32 today…and what better way to celebrate than a throwback pic to the 80’s.  Man…the 80’s were hilarious.  Candy cigarettes from the corner store and fake balloon breasts.  Those candy cigarettes actually puffed plumes of powdered sugar “smoke.”  Can you imagine getting away with that today?  I’m on the right and my older (much cooler) cousin is on the left.  Has she got the pose down, or what?!  I’m trying my best to keep up, but I look hilariously awkward.  At the risk of sounding like a little old lady…where does the time go?  And come to think of it… after nursing two babies, I might take another whirl with those balloons.

14 thoughts on “Because it’s my Birthday

  1. Lina

    Awww happy birthday Christine! Can’t believe you’re so young! Have a wonderful day. Love this photo!!

  2. Steph

    Have a luminescent trip around the sun, fellow Gemini! Mine is on Sunday. The four of us really ought to get together ;-). Enjoy your boys!

  3. Lynn

    Happy Birthday Christine!! I love the picture and remember how cool my friends and I thought we were with the pretend cigarettes!! Oh, the memories!!

  4. Kellen

    Happiest of Birthdays!!!! Hope it was a wonderful day. Looking forward to a happy birthday in person next week!!!! Wheeeee.
    So grateful you were born!
    Love. Love.

  5. Jannie

    This photo is soooooo good! I read and enjoy your blog. My grown children, with young children of their own, are your generation and I have a similar picture of them. Thank you for the laugh and the memory.

  6. elyse

    happy belated birthday, christine!

    just caught a glimpse of your newest baby! little bites looks AMAZING!!! i can’t wait to get my hands on a copy. warmest congrats!!!

    let’s meet for a little bite soon!


    1. cchitnis Post author

      Thanks Elyse- did you see Little Bites in a store already??!!! Would love to know where?!

      We have to get together soon! I was thinking of you the other day, wondering if you are already dreaming/ scheming for your next book! We authors are nothing if not gluttons for punishment (ie: deadlines!).

  7. cchitnis Post author

    Thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes! Long live the 80’s!!!



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