New York in the Spring

_MG_3664Having just been to NYC a few weeks ago, I was wondering if it would feel different now that spring has finally arrived.  The difference was astounding.  It felt as though every corner of the city was alive with greenery and flowers.  I was called to NYC for a bit of work and decided to tack on an overnight trip with my friend Sarah to celebrate her soon-to-arrive baby (less than a month now!).  It was such a beautiful little escape.  We had some fabulous meals, and enjoyed walking through the West Village, SoHo, and along the High Line, stopping in at our favorite haunts here and there.


_MG_3681The High Line was exceptionally beautiful.  Brilliant purple blooms and tall swaying grasses created such a lush visual.  And to think this garden exists high above street level on an abandoned set of railroad tracks!




_MG_3687We were supposed to stay the night at a friend’s apartment, but signals were crossed and we ended up crashing with a friend of a friend.  The mattress was creaky, the apartment falling down around us and I was a little skeeved out, but we couldn’t stop laughing about what a couple of old ladies we’ve become.  Crashing on couches when you are twenty is hip and fun.  When you are thirty and a tired mom (or you know, 8 months pregnant) it is less than fun.  I was all, “I need my Tempur-Pedic pillow and earplugs or things are going to get real ugly.”  It made for a memorable story, if nothing else.  Let’s just say it was a treat returning to my own bed!  But the energy and electricity of the city is so inspiring.  Sarah and I couldn’t stop dreaming and scheming: home projects, knitting, sewing, goals, dreams…the city seems to bring out such energy.  We both returned home feeling excited and refreshed.  On the drive home we stopped by Terrain in Westport- AMAZING.  I’ll share that next!








4 thoughts on “New York in the Spring

  1. Amy

    What is the name/location of the cafe with the white brick walls and yellow stools? It looks so creative! This post made me want to book a trip to NYC!

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