_MG_3127Nothing says spring like chicks!  We added three new girls to our flock this week.  Once again, I went with Ameraucana and I am hoping that if we handle them often and love them up, they will be friendlier than our last crew.  It’s a funny thing- our boys love nothing more than yard work and chores involving rakes and shovels.  They have pint-sized garden tools and gloves, and are always eager to help out.  They’re at an age now where they can help out with some of the responsibility of cleaning the coop and keeping the food/ water/ hay fresh.   Although we are raising city kids, I love the idea of having the boys learn how to take care of farm animals and tend a garden.  Who knows, one day we may end up living the farm life!  A girl can dream.  For now…urban chickens it is!  If you’re new here and you’d like to read my entire chicken saga, including how I helped legalize chicken keeping in Providence, click here!



3 thoughts on “Chicks!

  1. Kellen

    Okay…any pro tips on chicken rearing? We are thinking of taking the plunge and adding a few to our family. How many do you find is a good number to have? Is there anything you wish you knew when you first started? Etc. Etc. 🙂
    p.s. Such darling, darling boys!

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Oh gosh- I could probably write a book on this subject! But here are a few thoughts. Although chickens are pretty easy pets, they do require daily feed/ water and I clean my coop about once a week. You’ll need a system for composting or disposing of the used hay/ shavings- so that is something to think about. If you travel frequently, you will need a chicken sitter! And if you plan to let them roam free, be aware that they will totally destroy your yard! They are great for keeping bugs at bay, but when I gave mine free reign of the garden they did some damage (aesthetically speaking). This time, my girls are mainly staying in their coop and run.

      I have had anywhere from 2 to 4 chickens, but I’ve heard it said that 2 is not enough because they will just bicker constantly over the pecking order. I would say 3 or more is a good number. I currently have 3.

      Make sure you invest in a solid coop. I built my first coop myself, and it was not as predator proof as I thought it was. I lost two chickens to some unknown predator that was able to break in. Now I have a secure coop with a chicken wire bottom, so that nothing can get in, not even if they dig. Also, do some research as to the nearest place to get chicken feed and hay- for a while I had to drive 45 minutes every time I needed more hay, which was a total pain. Luckily we now have an urban farm shop in Providence that meets my chicken keeping needs.

      Other than that- they are great pets! Fresh eggs every morning…you can’t beat that!


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