New Habits

_MG_2887I have never had a skincare routine.  I guess I’ve always been lucky that I didn’t need one.  But aging is no joke, and for a while now I’ve noticed the signs of aging when I look closely at my face.  So when I was in NYC a few weeks back, I decided to seek out a bit of help in this area.  I looked up independently owned beauty stores that specialized in eco-friendly products and stumbled upon Space NK, a UK-based apothecary with an outpost in SoHo.  These kind of places always scare me, to be honest.  The women are all flawlessly made up, dressed in sleek black and the products are lined up precisely on spotless floating shelves, and just peeking in the window makes me feel unworthy of such a highbrow shopping experience.  But I forced myself to go in, and I was amazed by the level of service.  The women were so friendly, and quite frankly, I think they took pity on me after hearing my “beauty routine” (which consists of washing my face with whatever is in the shower!).  No seriously- if low-maintenance is at the bottom, I’m below that…somewhere in the realm of straight up lazy!  I told them I was ready to commit to a skin care routine but that I wanted products that were free of all the toxic junk.  They suggested the Goldfaden MD line of products, and proceeded to give me a mini-facial using the products.  When they turned me around to see myself in the mirror after scrubbing and moisturizing my skin, I swear I looked ten years younger.  SOLD!  I bought the moisturizer, eye cream and sunscreen, and was given generous test samples of the oil and scrub.  I also expressed my wish to look pulled-together when I’m dressing up; for business meetings or date night.  I haven’t purchased make-up since my wedding (almost 8 years ago) so I guess it was time for an update 🙂  The women at the shop were so patient as I squirmed around in the chair- I’m not a fan of make-up, it always feels so heavy on my face.  I told them I wanted a 2-minute routine and wouldn’t you know…they delivered.  Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone (miracle product!) and cake liner to line the top of my eyelids (never knew that…always thought you lined the bottom!).  It’s been two weeks now and I have faithfully been following my new routine.  My skin is definitely responding, and when I take the time to do my little make-up routine I feel so pulled together.  As mothers we so often put our own needs last- the kids get the organic, expensive bubble bath, and we use whatever old bar soap we find laying around the bathroom!  It feels pretty amazing to splurge on myself and invest in preserving my skin…and I’m curious…does everyone out there have a skincare routine (was I the last one to the party here)?  Are there products you swear by?  Have you found any miracle products that help with the signs of aging?  If you are a mother with young kids how do you find the time to pull yourself together in the morning (I’m still figuring this out)?

4 thoughts on “New Habits

  1. zane

    Great post, Christine! So honest and real . . . I know what you mean! My facial routine consists of rinsing my face with water and slathering homemade calendula salve all over it. Ha! How I would welcome some expert advice! 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Wow, I have always been envious of women who can go make up free! I have always (well, since a teenager) used cleanser, toner and moisturiser, and don’t ask me how but even with two small children I do my makeup every day, even days like today when we are staying home all day, including mascara and lipstick! It makes me feel good. It isn’t heavy at all, I use Clinique products. It makes me feel good and prepared for anything! It is fun to be a woman sometimes! I plan to introduce my daughter to skincare when she is about twelve (she is just two now).

  3. Xan

    Ha ha ha… oh you have just made me laugh out loud! We are two peas in a pod, you and I. Seriously, we should live closer to each other because we would have such a great time hanging out. One of the first things a bought after Tuck’s accident was concealer and that was quickly followed by a few other mineral make-up bits. The only things I owned before was lipgloss and mascara and the mascara was all clumpy when I pulled it out of the cupboard. Who knows how old it was! I have started to use some neat organic rosehip oil on my face – truthfully I’m still using the shower soap to wash it though (maybe I might step up on that too) – and the “make up routine” happens almost every day for me now with a quick dust of some powder, the concealer under my eyes (I really have to get to bed earlier!), a little mascara and a tiny sweep of blush. It makes me feel just a wee bit nicer at an otherwise crappy time, but honestly, with the morning school run, we now arrive ON the first bell instead of 5 mins before and my new make-up routine is totally to blame. I’m wearing my earring collection all the time now too… so happy it’s no longer gathering dust in the jar 🙂 xo

  4. Michelle

    I’m also envious of women who can go without makeup and I too am a fan of the lauren mercier tinted moisturizer. I also like Cindy Joseph’s “Boomsticks”. I’m a put makeup on every day, wash it off/moisturize every night kind of girl. I might have to look into the Goldfaden line : )


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