New York City

_MG_2775My husband surprised me last week with a quick trip to New York City.  He had some business to attend to in the city, and decided to grab a hotel room and line up a sitter so that we could enjoy a little getaway.  We have a doozy of a month coming up and I’ll be single parenting for much of it, so it was nice to get a little time away before we dive into the chaos of April.  We took a train into the city on Thursday afternoon, and since my husband had to work for most of Friday, I was left to my own devices, which of course made me incredibly happy.  I must have clocked about six miles, walking from Midtown to SoHo, weaving here and there as things caught my eye.




_MG_2769I drank some great coffee, walked The High Line and browsed through Chelsea Market, saw the first spring tulips at the Greenmarket at Union Square, had an incredible late breakfast at The Butcher’s Daughter, did a bit of damage at Purl Soho, and ended the day with a treat from Momofuku Milk Bar.  I ended up back at the hotel around 5 with several blisters, but rallied to go to dinner with my husband.  The next morning we slept in and enjoyed breakfast at our hotel, which offered sweeping views of Central Park.  It was quite a treat to have a leisurely breakfast that didn’t involved chasing kids or cleaning up spilled orange juice.  It’s the little things really…  We did a bit of Easter basket shopping for the boys and strolled around the city, enjoying lunch at my favorite place, ABC Kitchen.  We caught the train back, arriving home around bed time.  I love a little time away, but I always miss the boys fiercely, so it was nice to get home in time for some bedtime cuddles, and a family-centered Easter Sunday.  And besides (I must be getting old) there’s nothing like being back in my own bed!








9 thoughts on “New York City

  1. Sarah

    can’t wait to see your loot… and get back in the studio regularly to use it (with windows open?!?)! back wednesday- we’ve got plans to make! xo

    1. cchitnis Post author

      can’t wait to show off my loot- it is probably a good thing we don’t have a store like purl close by. that could become a problem 😉

  2. Xan

    That looks like the most fabulous getaway! I’ve decided that a little bit of damage is good for the soul. At least that’s how I’m justifying the damage I just did yesterday when splurging on some new bedding from this place… 🙂

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