Our Tools, Ourselves Feature

c_chitnis_knit_01I am so honored to be featured over on Fringe Association this week as part of Karen’s Our Tools, Ourselves series.  Her blog is one of my absolute favorite so it feels like quite the knitter-ly stamp of approval.  I’m sharing details about my knitting and sewing, including the tools that I use, how I organize my crafting materials and my deepest, darkest knitting secret!

Storage shelves



wiksten tank and project bag(all photos, except of my studio shelves, were taken by the exceptionally talented Forrest Elliott)

6 thoughts on “Our Tools, Ourselves Feature

  1. Nina

    Christine, this post (I checked out the full interview on Karen’s blog) and the last post are quintessential examples of why I love your blog. Your simple decorating style is a breath of fresh air to see every time you open that window to your world – and very inspiring. I also love and appreciate your focus on family and on creating. As always, thank you for sharing!

  2. Carol

    Christine, I have just started following your blog. Wonderful! Hope some of your organization skills rub off on me. Looking at the pictures on Karon’s blog I spotted your great ironing board. I do not own a traditional ironing board (long story). I have not wanted to buy a new one until I found one I really liked. Well the one in your studio I “really like”. Can you tell me where you got it or at least the its story. It must have a story. Thanks so much.

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Hi Carol…welcome, I’m so glad you came over from Karen’s blog! Would you believe that the ironing board is from Ikea! They have really nice looking ironing boards.

      1. Xan

        Ha! No way really, Ikea!?! I’ve been eyeing that ironing board off too Carol. It beats the pants out of the tacky cheap thing I bought when I first moved out of home and still have now although it’s well past it’s used by date. I wonder if my local Ikea would have nice ones like that. It’s worth checking out that’s for sure. Thanks Christine xo

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