Pitch Perfect

I just handed in the manuscript for my THIRD book.  Now there is sentence I never dreamed I would be writing when I began my freelance career seven years ago.  It is another cookbook and this time I was responsible creating, testing and photographing all of the recipes, as well as all the writing.  Whew!  It is going to be a beauty, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.  But first, we’ll soon be talking about Little Bites (the cover is now on the sidebar of the blog for your viewing pleasure!) which releases in July.  I feel comfortable calling myself a writer now.  Not a day goes by that I don’t write in some capacity, whether it is working on a book, article or blog post.

What makes you a writer is the act of writing.  It doesn’t matter if you never see a word published.  If you write, you are a writer.  If writing is something you must do, you are a writer.  But just in case you are a writer that does indeed want to see their work published, I have the class for you.  I’m teaching Pitch Perfect again this year.  The class was a wonderful success last year and my students have gone on to see their work published in a variety of magazines.  Two of my students landed themselves columns in regional publications.  I mean….!  Wow.

Pitch Perfect is all about learning to craft a winning query letter.  Editors, agents and publishers get thousands of emails every week from wonderful, creative people whose work does NOT get chosen.  I’d love to teach you how to make your pitch stand out from the crowd.  And this skill isn’t limited to writers seeking publication.  Knowing how to write the perfect query letter is a skill you will be grateful to have simply when trying to land a job interview.

The class runs for the month of May– four weeks jam packed with information.  There will be interviews with magazine editors, freelance writers, authors and book editors (including my editor at Roost, and Melanie Falick, who is responsible for bringing into being some of the most beloved craft books in existence!).  It’s going to be incredible, and I’d love to have you join me.

Visit Squam to register.

Week by Week we’ll be covering the following topics:

Week One: Introduction to Magazine Writing

Week Two: Diving into the Query Letter

Week Three: Editing and Refining Query Letters

Week Four: Editor Etiquette, Books, Agents and more

Finally, I’d love to share some of the feedback I received from my first class of students:

“Before the course began, I had a dream, a journal and a folder full of ideas, but no clue as to how to implement any of it. Pitch Perfect gave me the tools to turn my dream into a reality! For those contemplating being a part of spring’s Pitch Perfect, wherever your writing dreams fall, I can guarantee you will gain so much from this course.  In years to come I will look back upon my experience with Christine and my fellow classmates as being the catalyst for turning my dream into reality.” – Xan Holyoak

“With the confidence and knowledge I gained from Pitch Perfect, I pitched to Minnesota Parent Magazine, my ideas were well received and several feature articles were published. Since that additional contact I have continued to write for this publication and I recently was offered a position to write a column!” – Megan Devine 

“What a fantastic experience! I can’t believe how quickly these 4 weeks rolled by. I feel like I’ve finally taken solid steps towards a “real” writing career. Thank you Christine! You are a natural at teaching. If you offer future courses, I’m in!” – Indiana Lori

“Christine, I appreciated how well organized this workshop was. Your message and ideas were so focused, and clearly communicated. You are an encouraging teacher, and inspiring mentor.” – Anita

“The information in this class was fantastic, while the assignments forced me to do the homework of looking up submission guidelines and writing an actual query letter (which I submitted!). I feel EQUIPPED as a result of this class. Thank you, Christine! You are a brilliant teacher. I would jump at the chance to take another class with you.” – Jennifer

3 thoughts on “Pitch Perfect

  1. Helle

    Congratulations on the new book. One question, it looks like there are two authors? Did each of you write your own part separately or did you collaborate? It’s just confuses me as you write that you created, tested and photographed the recipes, so I was wondering where does the other person come in?

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Hi Helle- sorry for the confusion. My second book was co-written- Sarah developed the recipes and I did the writing and photography. For my third book- it was all me!

      Hope that helps clarify!

  2. Helle

    Hi Christine,

    thank you for the clarification. I somehow mixed up your new book and little bites – which does sound delicious, even for grown ups. 🙂


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