A Reading Update

2014-11-19_0003I went on a binge this past week.  A reading binge, that is.  It’s like I couldn’t put my book down, even when the dishes, laundry and cooking (not to mention the boys!) were calling to me.  I’ve been single parenting quite a bit while my husband travels for work, so when he gets home, I retreat to the couch for a bit of down time.  Minutes turn into hours and before I know it, I’ve finished a book in one sitting.  When I get up out of my stupor I feel completely relaxed, and at the same time invigorated by the beauty of the story I just read.  You guys know your books– I have been relying solely on your recommendations, and I have not been steered wrong once.  I am slowly working my way through the list…savoring each read.  What’s amazing is that they are all different- mystery, YA, established authors, new writers- but they are all amazing.  I’m back to the library for my books now- with my new addiction I just couldn’t afford to keep up the bookstore thing! I’m no book reviewer, and you can easily read the blurb for each of these online, but here are a few thoughts…

Eleanor and Park, my favorite of the bunch, is a YA novel, but so beautifully written that it will take you right back to the awkward, painful, and often heart-breaking high school years.

The Furies is also set in a high school, where the students are behaviorally challenged, and their teacher, Alex, is recovering from her own traumatic incident.  A fast paced, thrilling read.  I liked it quite a bit, and sped through it, but it didn’t touch me, like Eleanor and Park.

Delancey is Molly Wizenbergs latest book, which picks up where A Homemade Life left off.  If you love food, and you’ve always wondered what goes into opening a restaurant, this book is for you.  I appreciated that it did not glamorize the process, but kept things very real; from the emotions, to the amount of physical labor and financial strain involved in starting up a business.  Basically, this book has me dying to jump on a plane and head to Seattle to soak up the food scene (it sounds incredible!).

Still Life is the first of the Chief Inspector Armand Gamache Mysteries.  I love mysteries, though I like mine a bit more on the dark and gory side (that makes me sound weird, but whatever, it’s the truth!).  That being said, I loved the characters, and the setting; a small, picturesque town south of Montreal.  I’m definitely hooked enough to check out the next in the series (I believe there are 10 total).

And now, waiting for me on my nightstand….


8 thoughts on “A Reading Update

  1. Meryl

    I finally read “The Snow Child” last winter after many, many recommendations. Such a beautiful, but haunting story–hope you enjoy it, too!

  2. Nicole

    Astrid and Veronika was a truly enjoyable read. Talk about wanting to jump on a plane!!! I have to check out some of the others listed here.

    1. Maggie

      I love your book posts! Enjoy the recommendations. In fact, I just finished Burial Rites a few weeks ago. Keep ’em coming!

      1. cchitnis Post author

        Thanks Maggie. Wasn’t Burial Rites a stunningly written book!? I’m reading The Snow Child now and I’ll echo the others here and say it is amazing (and I’m only halfway through!). It’s a great read during the winter too, with beautiful wintry images.

  3. Maureen

    For anyone who has ever used a needle and thread…Women of the Silk is a wonderful read! These women had an extremely difficult life – makes me appreciate silk even more than I did before reading this book.

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