Cables and Changing Seasons

_MG_8549It snowed last week, the first snow of the year.  Vijay and Vik went outside just long enough to throw a few snowballs at each other, and then they came back inside and pretty much refused to leave the house for the rest of the weekend.  They wanted to wear their fleece pajamas and take warm baths, and build forts and pirate ships out of all the couch cushions and blankets in the house.  They are SO not cold weather kids.  It is laughable, really.  And perhaps the transition into winter will be extra difficult this year since we had such a lovely fall, full of sunshine and gradually changing leaves.  It fooled us all into thinking that winter might not be that bad….but apparently, it is supposedly there is a polar vortex coming our way.

_MG_8558On a sunny day last week (maybe one of our last?), I headed out into the falling leaves with my friend Sarah, and her daughter Emily.  We wanted to take some pictures of Emily in the sweater that I had knit her paired with the tunic that Sarah made.  The sweater goes by the name of Miss Korrigan, and it is the loveliest little layering piece imaginable.  Sweet cables, seed stitch trim, and luscious purple yarn combine for the perfect fall sweater.  Every single time I knit a little girl’s sweater for Emily, I start thinking about having a little girl of my own.  And then I snap back to reality and realize that I am perfectly happy knitting for little Em…at least for the moment!




3 thoughts on “Cables and Changing Seasons

  1. Xan

    I just had to look up what a polar vortex was. Good golly! That would be a new league of cold for me I am certain! You’ll be experiencing those conditions right around the time we get our usual summer heat waves of over 40’s (104’F). We can swap photos – my blistering heat for your icy snow – do you think we could visually will ourselves to be cool/warm? 🙂 Little Emily looks like the sweetest poppet and it seems you have just whipped off another knit from your needles! I’m crushing just a little bit over your knitting prowess right now. xo

  2. Stefanie

    Christine, I just clicked over from Craft Sessions and love everything I see. Your site is beautiful, photos are beautiful, and, of course, your knitting is beautiful. I’m a sucker for seed stitch, especially, and it makes the sweetest little trim on this sweater!

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Thank you so much Stefanie, and welcome! Don’t you just love Felicia and her blog, Craft Sessions? It is one of my favorites!


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