Gardenista Gig

_MG_4965With Vijay in school two mornings a week, I have a bit of breathing room in my schedule right now.  Of course I still have Vik home during that time, but he is a totally different kid than his brother.  He is happy to play independently in the backyard while I sit on the patio with my coffee and write.  We still plan fun activities to do together, just the two of us, but there are days where I take an hour or so to work.  This has meant that I am able to take on some super fun freelance work, including contributing quite regularly to Gardenista, a gorgeous gardening/diy/ inspiration site.

_MG_4624I wanted to share with you my latest article featuring Robin Hollow Farm, a beautiful flower farm in Saunderstown, Rhode Island.  While you’re there, I’d love for you to take a look at my other articles.  It has been so much fun to get out into the community of gardeners and growers here in Rhode Island, and mix it up a bit.  And if you know of any beautiful gardens in the area, please send your recommendations my way!  I’m at the point where I need a bumper sticker on my car that reads, “Will break for beautiful gardens,” as I am always on the lookout for promising stories.

*Georgia Marsh’s stunning Jamestown garden

*Cluck, a perfectly curated gardening shop in Providence

*DIY: Back-to-School Hand Sanitizer

*Eva’s Secret Garden






3 thoughts on “Gardenista Gig

  1. amyks

    Congrats on your new gig! The photos of the dahlias are gorgeous! I tried my hand at growing them in my plot at the local community garden this summer. They are growing all crooked and bent, it doesn’t help that some random person has also tried to steal the flowers by trying to break the stems 😦

  2. Helle (Helen)

    I love reading the Gardenista articles about gardens, so shall definitely have a look at yours. Sounds like a great job getting to visit and write about gardens.


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