Subtle Changes

_MG_3739In the past week there has been a shift and I can feel summer waning.  The nights are cooler, the sun sets earlier, and the first golden leaves have already drifted off our trees in the backyard.  We had our first preschool event, which gave me so much to look forward to in the coming year.  I think we’ve found a community of supportive, amazing, caring people that will nurture Vijay in his very first out-of-home experience.  We’re pretty jazzed.  I think we’re all ready for a bit of structure and routine to our weeks.

_MG_3722It was a strange summer weather wise, wasn’t it?  It took quite a long time to warm up, and even in the middle of summer we never experienced the kind of heat that we’re used to (both in Michigan and Providence).  On one hand I’m thankful since our home has no air conditioning which makes hot nights super uncomfortable.  But on the other hand, I think I’ve only submerged myself in the pool a handful of times since it is always so chilly.  What does this mean for the garden?  Basically, it means that nothing really went as planned!  But would you look at that harvest above- the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous they almost make me forget that most of my tomatoes are sitting green and heavy on the vine.  As before, I took notes throughout the growing season, and I’m glad I did since there were quite a few duds this year, namely the carrot and radish varieties I chose, which were both bitter tasting.  But this is why gardening is so intriguing.  You put your trust in this tiny seed, nurture it and water it, and then wait to see what it produces.  And the results will never be the same thanks to all the variables.  If things feel quiet around here, just know that I’m digging around in the dirt, taking time to do some deep thinking about our family’s future, and spending the last few warm days at the pool with the kiddos.  It’s going to be alright.




4 thoughts on “Subtle Changes

  1. Sandra

    Hi Christine
    The colours are indeed gorgeous. I noticed the first chestnut tree changing colour yesterday. I think Autumn is coming too fast. Good luck with all the pre-school arrangement, it’s an exciting step. Glad to hear you’re sounding more positive too.

  2. Xan

    Yay! It’s lovely to have you back – you’ve been missed here this past week 🙂 I’m so glad you know it’s going to be alright. It is wonderful you have found a community and people you feel comfortable with to help support Vijay with these next almighty steps into the world. It’s a scary one isn’t it? I was terrified, but as my children have grown more and more comfortable, so too have I. My goodness they teach me so much!
    As you talk of hints of autumn and the subtle beginnings of the shift in season, we too are sensing it… only for us it is a few early opening buds, a little more warmth in the sun and a slight sweet scent in the air. We are all ready and relishing in the promise of what is to come.
    Enjoy Christine.
    Oh, ps, I have a wee little surprise for you soon 😉

  3. shakeel khan

    Dear Mrs. Chitnis
    I have read your blogs and wished to stop by and congratulate you on the efforts you have put into those wonderful blogs.I have liked all your images and the one with Mr Chitnis and baby Vijay the one I liked the most.My best wishes on the launch of your book & Keep up the great work.
    Thanks and Warm Regards
    Shakeel Khan
    New Delhi


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