Mackinac Island

_MG_2125This past week, we packed up the boys and squeezed into the car (there wasn’t an empty seat to be had) and made our pilgrimage to Mackinac Island.  It’s a bit of a drive, and then a ferry ride on top of that, and I’ll admit that when we finally got to the island and landed in the touristy town, I was feeling a bit exhausted and skeptical.  But after an evening stroll exploring the quiet residential streets, a bike ride around the Island’s perimeter, and a horse-and-buggy ride taking in the historical sites, I was sold (though I still find the town completely overwhelming- think fudge shops and cheesy t-shirt stalls aplenty).










_MG_2076We stayed at Hotel Iroquois, a beautiful inn on the main strip.  The rooms were charmingly old-fashion, and the staff was friendly.  The dining area had a large lawn, which allowed us to enjoy a meal or two while the kids ran free.  And the kids were endlessly entertained by the stream of horse-drawn carriages that passed by our window (there are no cars allowed on the island!).


_MG_2060We only stayed one-night, and that felt perfect.  This is going to sound loony- but I get a little anxious about staying in a place where the food choices are either fried or fudge.  If I can’t get a nice salad or smoothie somewhere, I just can’t stay for long.  But an overnight- that I can do.   Once I got the kids down for bed, I lit out for an evening walk where I wandered through the quiet residential streets, away from the crowds.  I was completely charmed by the homes, and the gorgeous landscaping.  The next morning on our carriage ride, the driver told us that all the horse-manure (and there is a TON) gets added to the soil, which explains why the gardens on the island are so beautiful.












_MG_2185We didn’t get a chance to tour the Grand Hotel, but I did manage to walk by at sunset.  It is truly a grand building, and a bit Gatsby-like with everyone dressed in the mandatory formal wear.



_MG_2106The next morning, we biked the perimeter of the island with the boys.  There’s a great variety of bike rental options on the island, and we had a great set-up for Vijay and Vik.  The 7 mile loop around the island is gorgeous- unfortunately I had my hands full and didn’t manage many pictures (besides these from my phone).


2014-07-20_0002The bike path is lined with wild flowers leading to the beach, and shady forested patches.  It was such a peaceful respite from the busy town.  We followed our ride with a horse-drawn carriage tour, a total meltdown, a long ferry ride and a very trying car ride home.  I’m so glad we did it, but I’m so glad we’re back!


2 thoughts on “Mackinac Island

  1. Rosemary

    I’m falling in love a little ( okay, a lot) with the area from your posts, thank-you for sharing!

  2. Helen

    Such wonderful buildings, I especially like the one in the 19th photo!! with awnings that make it look like it’s got bushy eyebrows and a moustache. Funny that in a place that looks so upmarket they don’t have salads and healthy food galore. I would have thought that was the kind of clientele they’d get, it would be in Europe, maybe the States are different.


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