A Walk to the Garden

_MG_1182The garden is in full swing right now as I pick the remaining lettuce and spinach to make room for my quickly growing tomatoes and snap peas.  I’ve stuck a few new things in my little plot this year including sunflowers, zucchini, and purple cabbage.  We’ll see how it goes.  I also tried some new varieties of old favorites- a white radish that was an epic fail, and this beautiful jeweled-tone carrot, which is shaping up to be a success.  Would you believe this gorgeous handful is just the thinnings of my carrot patch?  I’ll most likely chop them into a salad, as they’re too small for much else.  Still..those beautiful colors of nature…they’re really something, aren’t they?




_MG_1013My little helpers make my garden a joyful place to be, despite their tendency to cause a wake of destruction everywhere they go.  Let’s just say we’ve had a few less spinach plants than we originally planned for thanks to eager little hands helping pull “weeds.”  But it’s all about learning and being together, is it not?  Honestly, our evening walks to the garden are often my favorite part of the day, when the heat is breaking and we’re all tuckered out from hours at the pool.  A little scooting, and a little picking…that’s where it’s at, I’ll tell you!




10 thoughts on “A Walk to the Garden

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Hey Meg- it has been a weird gardening year thus far. I suffered losses from putting things in too early- including those white radishes (which all rotted in the ground but grew giant tops) as well as chard and spinach. I put the carrots in mid-April- we’ll see, the thinnings were not very sweet, but I am hoping they sweeten a bit as they grow more! Who knows!

  1. Jaspenelle

    Those carrots are beautiful! for whatever reason I never seem to be very successful at growing carrots.

    And are those strawberry plants growing against your house that’s really gorgeous! I love that idea.

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Those are actually the walls of my community garden- and we do get quite a strawberry crop!

  2. Jaspenelle

    I love the strawberries? growing up against your house. And those carrots are gorgeous! I never seem to have a lot of luck growing carrots for some reason…


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