Chocolate Buttermilk Cake and Fresh Strawberries

_MG_0815Is there any combination more decadent than strawberries and chocolate?  I think not.  We’re still on a major strawberry kick around here, and my latest creation is this insanely moist, rich chocolate buttermilk cake with whipped coconut cream and strawberries.  I came across The Animal Farm Buttermilk Cookbook somewhere along the way in my travels.  I absolutely love cookbooks that also tell a story, which this book does in the form of snippets of life on a small Vermont dairy farm.  I love baking with buttermilk, often adding it to my pancakes to make them lighter and fluffier.  With this cake, the buttermilk adds moisture, helping to lighten the incredible chocolatey richness.



_MG_0817I topped the cake with whipped coconut cream (be sure to use full fat coconut milk and pour off the water!) and heaps of fresh strawberries.  We ate this cake on the first official day of summer, which felt appropriate!



_MG_0789(don’t you love Vijay stoically ‘driving’ the tractor, with strawberry juice staining his chin?)


_MG_0798(despite all the beauty of the farm, we somehow always end up here- digging in the parking lot!)


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Buttermilk Cake and Fresh Strawberries

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Thanks Kayla- and by the way, I’m so jealous of your stop in Iceland! Your pics are fabulous!


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