Waterlily: A Summer Knit

_MG_0878I started this knit feeling pretty sure I wouldn’t like it.  I had ordered the yarn online, and when it arrived it struck me as much too bright and purple-y, like something a young girl might wear accessorized with a sparkly tiara and tutu!  In fact right up until I bound off, I was sure this knit wasn’t for me.   And then I tried it on…


_MG_0879It is perfection.  As my friend Sarah said while snapping these pictures, “You would never guess it’s a hand knit.”  It’s true- the pattern is intricate, the fit is perfect.  It is just an all-around gorgeous summer top (you can find my Ravelry notes here).  I think the reason I find myself completely addicted to knitting is that there is something to learn with every stitch.  This top taught me patience (I had to rip back the lacework several times) and perseverance.  It taught me some new techniques while working the neckline.  But mainly it taught me not to judge a knit until that moment when it is blocked, and all the ends are sewn in, and you slip it on over your head….to discover that you have truly made something lovely.  That’s the moment worth knitting for.


14 thoughts on “Waterlily: A Summer Knit

  1. woolythymes

    most definitely a moment worth waiting for…this turned out lovely!!! (hoping a scarf i’m working on and having misgivings about the yarn choice works out even half as well as your tee!)

  2. nikki

    I so know what you mean! I knit myself a vitamin d cardigan, and was doubting it the whole time. Even after bind off I thought it looked ridiculous! …then I blocked it. Perfection 🙂 It loosened the drape in front and added some much needed length. I love it now! And your waterlily is gorgeous. Your instincts were right!

  3. knittedblissjc

    it’s gorgeous! And so true, sometimes you can’t be sure how it’s going to look until you try it on. This is beautiful on you!

    1. cchitnis Post author

      Ha- thanks Julia! I actually had my hair done right before I took these pictures, so I’m happy you noticed! It is dyed- basically it’s how I’d like to think of my natural color minus the mousiness and gray!


  4. Xan

    Oh my goodness! It’s gorgeous! I started an intricate lace knit shawl over 3 years ago (!)… it’s STILL on the needles and I’m only about 1/2 way. It requires so much concentration and skills I’m yet to acquire, that I continue to place other projects ahead. I’m committed to it though and one day I will get it finished and shall savor the moment 🙂 I have total admiration for your patience and perseverance.

  5. Indiana Lori

    I love purple, and had I started with that yarn, I would have thought the same thing. Too much pink in that purple. But no…it matches your skin tone and hair perfectly, and is the perfect brightness for a summer wardrobe. You could even pull off an evening gown in that color. And the delicate lace is the perfect contrast to the bold color, making the entire thing so interesting. LOVE IT!! Congrats!


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