Roses for the Weekend

_MG_0698It’s pouring here today.  Humid, sticky… the house feels like it is this living, breathing organism that is going to come alive and sprout gills if it rains anymore.  Don’t you hate that feeling?  Luckily I slipped out last night before sunset to capture the beautiful gardens around our neighborhood.  I came home with an acute case of rose envy.  Some of the rose bushes in our neighborhood look like they’ve been around since before the beginning of time.  Like they were just meant to be there.  They are so vibrant and thriving.  And the peonies….don’t even get me started on those!





_MG_0719I’m hoping the rain stops so we can enjoy the weekend outside.  A morning at the farmers market and an afternoon at the pool sounds just about right.  I hope your weekend is filled with beauty.



_MG_0722*can you spot that tiny baby bunny?  he hopped right by and let me pick him up…isn’t that strange and wonderful?

8 thoughts on “Roses for the Weekend

  1. Nina

    I love these pictures! I love all kinds of flowers, but I do think I’m a bit partial to peonies. There have been quite a few bunnies hopping around my house lately. I tried to take a picture of one from about 50 feet away and it got scared and hopped away, so you really were lucky.

    Regarding the humidity… I’ve lived in the humid south most of my life. I find that I can’t breathe as well when it’s really humid. I have a dehumidifier (set at 50%) that I run in the summer. It helps so much. Right now, I’m getting at least a gallon a day of water, which I use to water plants or put in my birdbath.

  2. Indiana Lori

    I think I have a black thumb for all things except roses. Isn’t that odd? I have killed Hostas, but I can grow just about any kind of rose. My grandparents did nothing but grow roses (their yard was amazing), so maybe it’s in my blood. I can’t wait for our new home to be finished so I can turn it into a rose-covered cottage, just like my old home in Nantucket. Dreaming…

  3. MamaLeone

    It is not a wild rabbit. It is a domesticated “pet” rabbit. Someone dumped him. People get them for pets for Easter and let them go when they realize the work involved thinking they can survive.


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