Squam Sewing

_MG_0172I’m heading to Squam tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited.  The prospect of leaving behind the laundry, dishes and yard work is reason enough to celebrate.  But add  in a colorwork knitting class, a dreamy lakeside location, and the chance to reconnect with old friends….well, it’s just about perfect.  Now you simply can’t show up at Squam wearing anything but handmade finery.  This time last year I hadn’t sewn any clothing or knitted a single sweater for myself.  Fast forward a year and my bag is packed with handmade tops and knitted sweaters.  I am rather proud of the leaps and bounds I have made this year with my handmade wardrobe.

_MG_0099The newest addition is this dress.  My insanely talented friend drafted this pattern using a beloved Old Navy dress from years ago.  Of course we added fun details like the placket and the contrasting lining.  It’s one of those easy, breezy dresses that looks great alone, or paired with a cute jacket or sweater.  I think it is particularly perfect for lakeside dwelling!  Catch you here next week with stories and pictures to share.





8 thoughts on “Squam Sewing

    1. cchitnis Post author

      And it is all thanks to you! So many compliments on the pattern….I sense a reason to get that website up and running (ahem!).

  1. Kellen

    Have a fabulous time!!! Love your new handmade wardrobe. It’s so “Squam” of you. 😉 Say hello to all the lovelies for me.

    1. cchitnis Post author

      It is not the same without you, roomie. I miss seeing you here 😦 And that sad face is meant to be there.

  2. mboukamp

    You look smashing in your new finery! Whoever started you sewing in your youth is my hero!!! LOL! Love, mom

  3. Xan

    Feeling a wee bit green with envy right about now…. not only because of your new handmade lovliness but also a weekend at Squam! Oooooh enjoy 🙂


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