Fabric Baby Book Tutorial

_MG_8479This weekend I finished Vik’s fabric baby book.  He LOVES it, which is just the sweetest thing to see.  This is the kind of crafting I love- easy, creative and anything but fussy.  Here is a quick tutorial I put together in case you want to whip one of these up for your own little own.  It is not a super quick project- there are a lot of steps involved- but it is fun, and it comes together pretty easily.

_MG_8450Step 1: Pick four coordinating fabrics, as well as batting and notions including felt, ribbon, rick-rack, etc.  Cut your fabrics into eight rectangles measuring approximately 16 inches x 8 inches, two from each fabric.  Cut four rectangles of batting, as well.  This will give you 16 pages to work with, so you will need at least 16 pictures, or more if you choose to do two on a page.  I use these Colorfast Fabric Printer Pages.  Follow the directions completely to ensure your color adheres.

_MG_8455Step 2: Layout all of your pages, and pin the pictures and felt pieces in place.  Using a zig-zag stitch for the pictures, sew into place.  Use a straight stitch for the felt.  Press each page well after sewing.


_MG_8474Step 3: Place your matching fabric pages right sides together (take care that all your photographs are facing the same way), with the batting in the back, and sew together, making sure to leave an opening so you can turn the page right-side out.  Clip any excess batting and clip your corners.

_MG_8477Step 4: Turn right side out, making sure to pull out the corners, using a pin to help, and press.  Turn in the raw edge of the opening, creating a finish edge, and pin into place. Top stitch 1/4 inch from the edge, around the entire page.  Give the page a good press.

_MG_8458Step 5: Repeat for the other three pages.

_MG_8460Step 6: Once all four of your pages are complete, place one inside the other in the desired order.  If your machine can handle sewing through such thickness, sew down the middle of the book, creating a binding.  If your machine can’t handle the thickness, you can hand sew the binding.

_MG_8481Note: This project was made possible by the fact that Vijay discovered scissors, and a die hard love for cutting paper, felt, fabric, ribbon and even a few electrical cords (!) was born.  We spent TWO HOURS together in my studio this weekend (while Vik napped)- him cutting away, me sewing away.  It was a dream, I tell you, a true dream!


4 thoughts on “Fabric Baby Book Tutorial

  1. Sarah

    these are honestly, the ultimate keepsake. sturdy, soft, personal, made by mama… your fabric choices are gorgeous and the photos (!)… oh, my!

  2. Michelle

    Thank you for the tutorial! I’ve been wanting to make one of these. How blessed you are to have little Vijay–a lot of kids his age would not be able to focus like that for so long on one activity. He must be a very intelligent boy!

  3. Jessica

    Hi Christine, thankyou so much for this tutorial, I would love to make one for each of my children one day. Its funny, after you mentioned the book last week and I looked at the first book you made, I then searched a lot of places online such as etsy for something similar.
    On a kind of related topic, as it is about your sewing talents, I have also been searching stores everywhere for tops similar to those you made for yourself for last year’s autumn wardrobe, but with no luck. I am in Australia and it is Autumn here now, my favorite time of the year.

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