Dreaming of a New Kitchen

291fffe22541e45583f8acd9dfe49cd8I am feeling pretty darn uninspired to pull out my camera these days.  I have some fun knitting and sewing projects in the works, but nothing that is begging to be photographed quite yet.  Ho hum…winter.  Last week, we dreamed of a new spring wardrobe…what fun!  This week, how about we dream about a light and airy spring kitchen?  We have been contemplating a new kitchen for the past couple months and I have a feeling a renovation might be in our future, but we’re talking years out at this point.  We are constantly working on our home, slowly renovating, fixing and touching up the never ending list of things that we want/ need done.  I’m guessing most homeowners do the same, but having a house that is over 100 years old certainly keep us on our toes.

d9f6ed72a583f8624755f2861553700bOur kitchen as it stand is functional, but it is not well suited for serious cooking.  It’s the room where I spend the most time (two hungry boys + writing a cookbook = serious kitchen time).  It is a dark space, with poor lighting.  If I had known I would have painted the walls white, but I got a bit too excited when we moved in and I painted them turquoise to match the china we keep in the glass fronted display cabinet.  Now I’m dying for white, white and more white.  I am craving a light and airy space, with a big island, counter space galore and lots of clever storage.  I would love to be able to cook while my boys color and play at the island.  We’re always in the kitchen together, but as of now, they just play on the floor at my feet.  Fine for little guys, but I dream of having my lanky boys perched at the island, working on their homework, talking about their day, and snacking away while I prepare dinner.  *sigh*

f6a6e5d6e2b82230f913b5e7c15c21f2We have a small space to work with, but I’m sure with some creativity (and a wall or two blown out) we could achieve a light and airy space with a large island.  Oh who knows…as of now, it is a pipe dream, but one I am happy to indulge.  Pinterest is a virtual rabbit hole for kitchen renovations…and I’ve been pinning my favorite here.  I’m thinking next week I’ll be dreaming of outdoor spaces, with an eye to sprucing up our front and back yard, as well as going to town in my community garden plot.  What are dreaming about these days?

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5 thoughts on “Dreaming of a New Kitchen

  1. Kim

    I recently moved into a new home that has been previously loved by a family with completely different design tastes. Thankfully most of the changes are merely cosmetic … new paint here, new lighting there. Recently I’ve begun the odyssey of redoing the eat in kitchen. The house has relatively low ceilings and the kitchen was painted a very dark forest green. After a dreary and cold winter I NEEDED some light and airiness. I’ve taken to painting the entire thing with a softly tinted white with the barest amount of pinky copper in it. I have to say the space is entirely different now. It GLOWS. Now if I could only afford new cabinets to complete it! Perhaps they will get a coat of chalk paint just to tide me over!

    1. cchitnis Post author

      You are so sweet Elyse- aren’t we always the harshest critics of own homes? Thank you for reminding me that I do in fact have a lovely kitchen!

  2. Alexandra Swistak

    Oh those magnificent high ceilings…I have been dreaming of them since Zurich!

    White doesn’t get the credit it deserves, it creates an incredibly powerful backdrop. Almost every property in our house hunting continues to be white. It makes just about every other color pop. When we walk into the odd house painted in a deeper color, it looks heavy and almost worn in comparison. I was seeing so many flawless white walls and ceilings that I painted our home in four different whites even though we hope to move elsewhere.

    White is the way to go:


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