Somerset Life; A Giveaway

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 12.17.23 PMMy blog has been a constant in my life for over five years now, and I have never appreciated it more than I do now, as a busy mother.  The boys’ baby books, which I started with the best of intentions, sit in the attic collecting dust.  Our family photo albums are woefully in need of an update.  But my blog serves as a memory keeper, a journal capturing the moments of beauty that come along with all the hard work and exhaustion of mothering small children.”

Somerset Life, Winter 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 12.17.42 PMI started blogging the year I married my husband.  We’ve since bought our home, and welcomed two babies.  I’ve launched a new career, published a book and am busy working on the second.  We’ve traveled the world, made amazing friends, and fully explored our beloved city of Providence.  I’ve rediscovered my love of knitting and sewing.  I learned to grow vegetables and keep chickens.  I’ve painted and redecorated almost every square inch of our home.  Through it all, I’ve blogged.  When Somerset Life reached out to me to ask if I wanted to write about what blogging means to me, my initial response was to decline.  Our trip to India was looming, I was busy working on the book, and filming my e-course.  Yet the topic pulled me in and forced me to think.  Why do I blog?  What does it all mean to me?  I decided to take the time to put my feelings into words, and the article appears in the current issue of Somerset Life.  I’d love to give away a copy to one reader.  For a chance to enter, simply leave a comment, and make sure I have a way of getting in touch with you should you be the winner!


42 thoughts on “Somerset Life; A Giveaway

  1. Phae

    ” The boys’ baby books, which I started with the best of intentions, sit in the attic collecting dust. Our family photo albums are woefully in need of an update. ”

    I so could have written that. I have never managed to get baby books or photo albums done either. So many of our photos are on Instagram and FB, and stored in our backup drives. I keep telling myself that I will get them done someday, For now, I’m just happy having my favourites on the wall.

  2. Lacey

    That’s a lovely reason to blog. I’d love to read the full piece! 😀
    lpitts zero six (in numbers, without spaces) at gmail

  3. theshooz

    I”ve never read this magazine before; your article sounds lovely and I would be interested in reading it. Also, love your office/craft room from the post below! You’ve inspired me to clean and organize mine!

  4. Alexis

    Oh I love Somerset Life! I live in the Philippines so I can’t get them here. I always order them from my aunt in Texas who sends them to me every few months. 🙂

  5. Shell ~

    ~ Oh, lots of reading goodness !
    Inspiring. ~ thank you for the chance.
    And, I loVe your blog, your photos & thoughts are food for the soul.
    The creativity is superb !
    Shell ~

  6. Donna

    Your article in Somerset, as pictured here in your blog, combines all the best – thoughtful words; clear and clean and crisp images of authentic life; layout that takes the reader on a visual journey; and sincerity. I look forward to reading the article and I already miss those days when my two boys were little – though every day they still amaze me! Congratulations!


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