Winter Wool

_MG_4841_2It’s hard to believe we’re well into December already.  I feel like I’m furiously swimming against the currant to get ready for winter and the holiday season- one stroke forward, two back.  Everyday I realize how unprepared we are for the season upon us.  Winter boots are too small, every mitten in our house is missing its mate, and who knows where our snowpants are hiding.  A few days after coming home from Chicago, I packed up again and headed to the Vineyard for our winter shoot.  The photographs for our cookbook are now complete, which is an amazing feeling.  Now onto the copious amounts of writing….gulp.  My deadline is still far enough away that I’m not yet worried, but a very long, very international trip is looming on the horizon….actually, just a week away (gold star for anyone who can guess where we’re headed!).  I can’t wait to tell you more about it later this week- it is quite exciting, if not a bit overwhelming.  For now I leave you with my new sweater project in the most beautiful Anzula color palate and a wooly friend from the Vineyard.  Perhaps my favorite part of this season is the feeling of warm wool draped over my lap while outside the temperature continues to drop.


3 thoughts on “Winter Wool

  1. Kellen

    The yarn looks scrumptious! Can’t wait to see what it becomes. As far as your trip goes…it would be cheating for me to say…but, I’m equally excited none the less! What an adventure it will be.


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