My boys

2013-10-14_0001My boys…brothers. I haven’t really talked about what that means to me, to be raising two boys, so close in age that occasionally they are mistaken for twins.  Vik is long and lean, quickly catching up to Vijay in height and weight.  He’s already in 24 month clothing, which means the infamous firetruck sweater (which Vijay wore precisely one time, after I sweated and cursed over it for months!) fits him perfectly.  He’s too little to protest, and so he is wearing it as often as possible!

It is absolutely amazing to watch their personalities take shape, and to watch the sibling bond begin to take root.  Vijay adores his little brother, often crying when Vik has to go down for his nap, or to bed early.  “Where’s my baby?” he asks.  Of course when Baby is around, they fight over toys, and bop each other on the head with balls and blocks.  They take soapy baths together, propelling their trucks through the bubbles and froth.  They roll their soccer ball back and forth at the park, Vik clapping his hands each time it rolls his way.  “Don’t touch my things,” is a common phrase as Vijay learns that playing with Vik means sharing with Vik.  He’s always trying to give him the lamest toys, and hog all the great ones for himself.  After a while, he realizes that it’s no fun, and releases a few of his toys for Vik to play with.  Occasionally they hold hands across the aisle from their carseats, or when we’re walking in the double stroller.  “Baby’s holding my hand, mama,” Vijay beams.  After a minute, Vik yanks his hand away and returns to sucking on his fingers.  It is these moments that my heart nearly breaks in two.

I often wish I had a crystal ball to see into the future…will they always be close?  Will they be the kind of brothers that give heartwarming toasts at each others weddings?  Will they support and nurture each other as they find their own talents and strengths, or will everything be a competition?

It is hard enough trying to raise kind, generous, loving children, but considering how to raise siblings to be loving, supportive brothers is a challenge.  My husband often jokes that he wants three sons largely because of Legends of the Fall.  I agree, minus the sibling rivalry, jealousy, revenge, drama and rage.  Basically we just want our boys to ride wild through the mountains, hunting grizzly bears and bathing in clear streams.  Is that too much to ask?!

Oh my boys…brothers…my dreams for you are so great.

4 thoughts on “My boys

  1. Maureen

    Christine –
    Your boys are so handsome – you’ll need an unlisted number by the time they enter kindergarten with all the girls calling them! Your children are receiving an excellent foundation from you and your husband as you model kindness and goodness for them every day. Children thrive on structure and routine, and usually rise to high expectations. They’ll be just fine – stay vigilant and enjoy the journey!

  2. Cynthia

    I agree whole-heartedly with Maureen. My boys are now 30 and 32, and yes, they did the heartfelt speeches at each other’s weddings (one even officiated the other’s), they’ve tramped through countless mountains, countries, and fishing holes together, chose the same college, and now are living in a rural setting, raising their children together. It is a beautiful mother’s dream come to fruition. I wish the same for you.

  3. Jessica

    Hi Christine, thankyou for your blog. Your life, stories, family and pictures are all so beautiful. I can only dream of enjoying things for myself such as gardening or crafts, I am all tangled up in caring for my kids and getting the housework done at the moment!
    Anyway, I also have two children, but a boy and a girl, who turn 3 and 1 this week. It makes me laugh (and get a little frustrated!) when my son grabs all the toys he wants for himself and he has so many in his hands and hidden behind him that he can’t even play with them. Trying to ride two ride-on vehicles one day was a classic. And I agree that one of the most special things is to see them holding hands in their car seats, they both look so proud.


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