My First Sweater

_MG_1504This sweater is amazing- from start to finish it took me less than a week.  Let’s hear it for chunky yarn and big needles!  I went a bit daring with the color choice.  One look at my Ravelry page (below) and you’ll see that I typically veer towards the blue-green family.  But this yarn seemed fun, something you could wear with jeans for a nice pop of fall color.  I asked my husband to snap a picture of me in my new sweater in the backyard, but I felt awkward posing, so I grabbed a chicken.  There you have it.   I’m totally addicted to sweaters now and I’m anxiously searching for my next project.  I’m picky, it has to be perfect, perhaps something striped.  I have my eye on a few.  Do you have any favorite, tried-and-true sweater pattern that you might want to send my way?  I have a few baby presents to fire off my needles this weekend, but after that, I’m focused on a whole new winter wardrobe.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 10.09.41 PM

8 thoughts on “My First Sweater

  1. Maureen

    My first sweater, sadly, was not so perfect! The style and color look amazing on you – congratulations on a great success! I knit mostly for my grandchildren and husband…so sorry I have no temptations to send along!

  2. elyse

    so pretty and you look amazing, as always!

    are you familiar with the blog casapinka? she (bronwyn) is also in rhode island and loves to knit. i think you would like each other lots. give her a visit {} and tell her i sent you!

    coffee. soon!


  3. Stacey

    wow, you look so pretty in that! it’s really gorgeous. I’m impressed! One day I’ll learn….as I say every year 😉

  4. lori

    oh what pleasure i’ve just had, just meeting you christine, looking through your stunning photos here on your beautiful blog (your babies!) and raverly. your first sweater is completely adorable, fits you perfect and i think the color is amazing. i’m always a bit fearful of color, but it’s fun to take risks.
    i hope you have a lovely week, xxxxxxxxx lori


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