_MG_1294Traveling with two little ones is daunting, especially when it involves long drives and plane rides.  The sheer amount of stuff that you have to pack (double stroller, diaper, wipes, snacks, books, toys, change of clothes, etc.) can be overwhelming in and of itself.  But we did it- we packed up both boys and took a long weekend trip to Montreal.  We met my parents there, and together explored Old Montreal and Mile End, two of my favorite neighborhoods in the city.




_MG_1283Of course traveling with kids also means an altered itinerary.  Gone are the days of window shopping, browsing sweet shops, and stopping at little cafes for refreshments.  Instead, you seek out playgrounds and open spaces where the kids can run wild and free.  You find yourself doing all of the touristy stuff you promised yourself you would never do- horse and buggy rides, aquatic boats, little trains.  You also zero in on the restaurants that are super quick and loud- the thought being your wild boys will go rather unnoticed if the volume level is already high.


_MG_1491That being said, my mom and I were able to sneak away during nap time to explore and catch up over a leisurely cup of coffee, and a fabulous lunch at Olive + Gourmando.





_MG_1300(finished my sweater on the plane, and proceeded to wear it every day…more on that later!).



_MG_1413Because my mom was with us, that meant lots of time visiting churches.  It is her most favorite thing to do when traveling.  That and graveyards.  I know…she sounds like a real ball of fun, huh?!  (love you mom!)  They were breathtaking, I’ll give her that!






_MG_1388Last night, we rolled in at about 9:30 after a long day of travel.  Both boys transferred from the car to the crib without a fight (and that never happens).  My husband and I pretty much collapsed and decided it was a little nuts to take on that amount of travel for a weekend away.  It was a blast, but does anyone want to come take care of the kids this week while we recover?


6 thoughts on “Montreal

  1. Maureen

    I love Montreal and am happy that you could visit such a charming city…and brave it with two little ones in tow! No easy feat – congratulations!
    Your sweater is just beautiful and the color is stunning on you! Hope you’ll recover soon – it’s going to be lovely and warm in Rhode Island this week so enjoy being outside with your boys – even to the beach on Wednesday! Think of all the wonderful memories you just made for your family – it’s all so worth it!

  2. squam (@squamlove)

    YES! I so would come and take them for the week– but of course, our schedules are forever doomed to being at odds– and I am far away. But GOD how you travel and what photos!! whatever you had to do to make this happen was worth it!! gorgeous!! xoxo, e

  3. Paula

    Wow! Once again you have inspired me Christine! I live right next door to Montréal and yet I never bother to go and enjoy it. Now I will, especially at this time of year.

    My daughter is in her second year at McGill University and lives on the island and she loves all the food she finds in Montréal. I keep meaning to go and visit her for lunch between her classes but never make it a priority. She recently told me she found an amazing Italian place in Monkland Village (just west of downtown Montréal) with the best linguine.

    I know that Montréal is known for its food and culture but, as Quebecers, unfortunately all we see is the embarrassing politics and appalling infrastructure.

    However, I am now determined to go downtown with my camera and my daughter! So glad you enjoyed your visit!

  4. vt bee

    Christine, I so enjoy your posts – thank you! Montréal is a favorite getaway, and I’m so glad you found olive et gourmando. On your next visit, stop by Mamie Clafoutis, on St Denis. I think you’d enjoy.

    Thanks again for sharing your beautiful photos.


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