Summer Knits, and Fall Fruits

_MG_1095We are slowly settling into the rhythm of fall.  It’s been unseasonably warm during the day, but the evenings are now laced with traces of the cool, crisp air of fall.  It’s been an adjustment from the long, lazy days of summer where we wiled away the afternoons at the pool.  Many of Vijay’s friends are in preschool this year, so the playgrounds seem pretty quiet.  Vijay misses the activity, and longs for more kids to play with- it seems he is ready for preschool, but with a late October birthday, that’s not really an option this year.  Some days it feels like I am doing the right thing by keeping him home, other days…not so much.  Who knows.


_MG_1037I had a rather funny interaction at Squam– I met a blog reader, and she was absolutely floored that I was Christine Chitnis.  “You are so different than I imagined,” she said, and the look on her face told me that this was the truth!  Later, once we had spent more time together, she commented that I was much more humorous, and lively in real life, and that the stories I shared about my family were quite hilarious.  “I guess I expected you to be more conservative,” she admitted.



_MG_1196This made me laugh- yes, in real life I tend to be a bit biting and sarcastic.  I am not a parent that waxes on poetically about my boys- I instead like to focus on the humorous side of things.  But I am careful on my blog…so much of my life I protect with a fierce privacy.  You may have noticed that I am not on twitter, instagram or facebook, though I have no doubt these tools would boost my “readership” and “outreach.”  I just can’t do it…the portrait that I paint here of my life is very true, but it is also censored.  My babies are growing into little boys, and they have their own stories to tell.  I love sharing bits and pieces, but I protect the story of their childhood, of their development, of their sorrows and joys with the ferocity of a mother bear.



_MG_1246Do you ever wonder what our children will think about all this blogging, and over-sharing?  I hope one day that my boys will visit this space and remember fondly all our little adventures, and be reminded of their mothers love of flowers, farms, and fresh food.  I hope they will enjoy reading my words, and looking through my pictures.  I hope I make them proud.

_MG_1046Earlier this week, we spent the afternoon in the orchard, picking apples, peaches and the last of the fall raspberries.  How odd to be picking raspberries and seeing the first pumpkins.  I wore my new summer knit tee, which I didn’t gauge properly so it ended up much too short.  Lesson learned- don’t be lazy when it comes to gauging.  It was a beautiful day…and one that I am perfectly happy sharing.


4 thoughts on “Summer Knits, and Fall Fruits

  1. Margaret

    You are totally right to fiercely protect your family’s privacy. Your kiddos have a long life ahead and who knows where digital realms will lead. I have never done Facebook for a variety of reasons, including my daughters’ privacy. Then we went to an extended family party this summer and some complete strangers said, “Oh we love seeing your daughters’ antics online.” I asked what they meant and it turns out my brother-in-law has been putting them in his posts. Frequently. I’m sure he sees this as totally harmless, and perhaps it is, but I hate that we essentially have no say about it. It’s a good lesson in letting go, as anyone anytime can post any photo. In any case, I am astonished by the number of adults willing to make their children’s lives and photos public. I teach teenagers and know that their digital lives are complicated. Can you imagine that many of them wish their baby pictures and antics were public because it suited their parents marketing plan? Christine, you are absolutely right to keep it low key. And rock on with your double life – the blog and the real life. Fictitious, real, sort of real, we love your blog.

  2. Corinna

    So true. That’s a question I ask myself regularly – what is the right amount of ‘real-life’ to share online. Sure it may be inspiring others but I’m dealing with the future lives of little ones on my blog. So nice to hear you ‘voice’ my thoughts and know I’m not alone in my thinking.

  3. The Body Sleuth

    I’m right there with you on the privacy topic, Christine. It’s part of the reason that I chose to use a pen name and to not share the names of my family members or any photos that show their faces. Perhaps it’s my secretive nature as a scorpio. Perhaps is that I have a husband who works with the internet. As I have come to realize more clearly my ambitions for my online presence, the whole pen name thing is rather cumbersome. But I’ve come to think of it as one of those beaded curtains at the back of a restaurant: a thin veil of privacy. And I’m glad that it’s there.

  4. Sharilyn

    Yes it is a fine line to walk- as a blogger I often wondering if I share too much- rarely do my children’s faces appear but always their essence- they surround me in our days. One day I am sure they will want nothing to do with it!


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