Outstanding in the Field

2013-09-04_0004Let me start by saying that they are not overselling it with the title- it really was outstanding.  As with any good story I’ll start at the beginning, for there is a tale to tell when it comes to our Outstanding in the Field experience.


_MG_0534I’ve been eying the Outstanding in the Field events for years, but given the hefty price tag  (and the whole pregnant/ nursing thing that has been going on for the past four years!) I could never quite pull the trigger.  When I realized that this year’s Rhode Island event fell two days after our anniversary I decided it would be our gift to each other.  Tuesday’s forecast called for thunderstorms throughout the day, and as we drove to Sweet Berry Farm it was pouring rain, thundering and lightening.  I was completely crushed as I saw my vision of that long white table in the field vanish as the rain increased to torrential.


_MG_0586_2When we arrived, everyone was huddled under tents, sipping wine and enjoying hors d’oevres.  While the atmosphere was as jolly as could be expected given the weather, it was clear that there was a general feeling of disappointment.  I was feeling rather low when we bumped into a good friend…a welcomed distraction from the rain.  We got to talking, and laughing, enjoying more wine and swapping summer stories.  Pretty soon we took our seats indoors, under the tent.  The first and second courses came out and were stunning- the roasted carrots stole the show.



_MG_0585As they cleared away the second course, the light inside the tent suddenly shifted, the sun broke through and miraculously, the rain stopped….just like that.  The crew decided that it was safe to venture out, and as we walked across the sopping fields, they moved our tables and chairs into the most picturesque of arrangements.



_MG_0633The sun began to set over the orchards, in a dazzling display of pinks and oranges.  It was the most beautiful night imaginable- the air cool and crisp, the wine plentiful, each dish better than the one before.


IMG_0601We talked and laughed late into the evening, hardly noticing when the candles had to be refreshed.  Oh you guys…it was magical.  Truly and utterly magical.  And perhaps we appreciated it all the more given the less than desirable start to the night.  We were so thankful to be eating food fresh from the farm, beautifully and simply prepares, and to be in a setting so gorgeous, with each other, and a great friend.


_MG_0653We celebrated six years together in style, that is to be sure.  This one will go down in the books.  Six years, two kids, plenty of ups and downs, and more love than I knew was possible.  Here’s to the next six, and sixty more after that, my love.



5 thoughts on “Outstanding in the Field

  1. Nina

    Oh my word! I was almost crying as I read this. I’m so glad it turned out to be a great experience. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Caitlin@Our Natural Heritage

    Happy Anniversary!!! I remember driving home late that night from work and while on the Newport bridge , I could see the beginning of an amazing sunset just under the clouds at the edge of the horizon, – I’m so glad it all worked out!

  3. Meghan

    Yes last Tuesday was so yucky. We had the start of our soccer season on Aquidneck island. Of course it didn’t happen. Thankfully you were in an area not affected by the power outage. We lost power at our home for the rest of the day. So glad you had an awesome time. One place we occasionally go is Celestial Cafe in Exeter because they have farm to table dinners. The ambiance is not great, but the food has always been good.


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