A New Website and a New Book!

_MG_0091It’s been an exciting summer to say the least.  As I’ve hinted in the past weeks, I have been working away on a few amazing projects.  The time has finally come to share…starting with a brand new look and feel to my website.  I adored my old site design, but felt it was time for a makeover.  I wanted a lighter, cleaner feel which would allow my pictures to take center stage.  Working with the lovely Aprile Elcich was such a pleasure, and she made my vision a reality with a watercolor hand-lettered logo, and a clean, bright website design.  I also decided to switch over to WordPress for a bit more behind-the-scenes control.  I’m pretty thrilled with the outcome, and I sincerely hope you like it…I know change is hard, but I kept things simple, so navigating and finding your way around should be easy.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 10.51.16 PM

But the most thrilling piece of news is that I am working on a second book.  Just writing that  gives me goosebumps.  This book is something I have been working towards ever since my first book came out two years ago.  It will be published by Roost in 2015 (pinch me, this is my dream publisher)!  The premise of the book is wholesome, simple, seasonal snack recipes for active families.  I am passionate about teaching my boys to eat with the seasons, and I make a big effort to educate them about where their food comes from, whether by having them help me in the garden, shop by my side at the farmers market, or come along to pick berries at a local farm.  I hope this book will inspire families to incorporate a sense of seasonality into their cooking routine.  As a mom, I am always on the go… the playground, pool, beach…wherever we go, the boys inevitably ask for snacks.  I’m raising two ravenous little ones, so I’ve had to step up my snack game.  This book will include 100 original recipes for easily packable, kid-friendly, wholesome snacks.  And let me tell you, as I cook my way through the recipes, my boys are thrilled with the results!

The idea for this book came to me shortly after Vijay started solid foods, but I knew I needed the perfect partner to make it happen.  I’m thrilled to be co-authoring this book with my good friend Sarah Waldman.  She brings her amazing recipe development skills and nutritional knowledge to the table, while I’ll be handling the writing and photography.  We already have our spring and summer shoots wrapped, and the results are making us mighty proud.  I can’t wait to see it all come together, and I really can’t wait to share it with you.

As always…thank you for reading, and thank you for your encouragement.  Your comments after my rough winter were what pushed me to make this all happen- thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Here’s to new beginnings!

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16 thoughts on “A New Website and a New Book!

  1. kayla @ exquisite banana

    This is so exciting! I own “Markets of New England” and still have big plans to take a week-long road trip through my favorite places while discovering yours. By the time your second book comes out, I’ll likely have a baby of my own. Perfect timing 🙂


  2. kitty

    Wow! I need that book right now. I struggle with the nut free school lunch boxes the most, whilst still trying to provide enough energy and goodness (all our schools in the uk seem to be nut free – rather than my little ones!). Before I had children I don’t think I could ever imagine how often I would hear the I’m hungry phrase! Loving the new look too.

  3. Zane

    So exciting, Christine! I can’t wait to see your next book and try some of those snack recipes. Good snacks for growing children—yes, exactly what I’m looking for! I love the new look of your site as well. Hurrah for new beginnings!

  4. Marla

    I really like the changes you made to your website. Congratulations on the book deal. I’m excited to see it! I hope you will give us a few previews along the way. Enjoy the journey with this new baby!

  5. Nina

    Christine, I’m so excited for you! The blog looks great and your new book sounds great. It definitely sounds like something I would be interested in buying.

  6. Sandra

    I am so excited for you. Not just about your gorgeous new look website or this wonderful new project in the making, but the amazing place you are now in. Congratulations and good luck with it all!

  7. Sarah

    OBSESSED! The new look is GORGEOUS and very you. Well done and CONGRATS! So excited to see the book come to life as well- an exciting year in the works for you.
    And, HOLY MOLY that kid of yours is so darn CUTE!
    Can’t wait to see you and catch up soon!

  8. anewenglandlife

    You’ve always got something brewing, Christine! How I wish I had just half the energy and drive you do.
    I love the new design! Beautiful! And best wishes on the book. What awesome news!!!

  9. J /*sparklingly

    Lovely, just lovely! The new look is so fresh and soft and feels so very Christine-y! (At least, the Christine we see here, of course 😉 ). And, many congrats on your new book! Sounds like an exciting collaboration!

  10. Ivana

    Dear Christine,

    I love the new look of your blog. The logo is adorable, I love it!!! And I am so happy to hear about the book, I hardly wait to read it. Love, Ivana

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