Piece of Cake

Since returning home from Michigan, my days have been whirlwinds of activity.  I am in the midst of two large work projects which have taken me away from the boys for long stretches of time.  I miss them terribly at first, then I get into the work zone and the day flies by.  It’s not until I get home that I realize how much I missed being with them throughout the day…and I want to know every detail; what did they have for lunch, what playground did they go to, were they both on their best behavior, what books did they want before naptime?

To make up for the chaotic week, I took Vijay on a special outing, just the two of us.  While Vik napped at home with my husband, Vijay and I headed to the farm.  Four Town Farm is this absolute gem that I had totally forgotten about.  I had gone a few years ago and been amazed by their U-cut flowers…to rediscover this place was such a gift.

For Vijay, it was all about the scissors.  That was the best part of the trip…snipping away at the flowers with his very own pair of shears.  Of course we came home with a random bouquet and most of the blooms clipped way too short…but it was such a fun way to spend time with my little guy.I’ve noticed a shift as we’re heading into the threes…and I have heard from many mothers that the threes can be more challenging than the twos.  Vijay is a stubborn bugger…and as his skill sets grow, so does his insistence that he does everything himself.  He is less patient with his baby brother, and much less gentle (I think he is just dying to have a wrestling/ sparring partner).  He insists on wearing his pajama’s most days, and only wants to eat chocolate chips (not even in cookies, just plain chocolate chips).  As I juggle his demands with those of Vik, who is now crawling, and walking when holding onto furniture, I often find that neither of the boys get my full attention.  One eye is on Vik, who is an accident waiting to happen, and my other eye is on Vijay, who knows just when to make trouble.  That’s why solo outings are so important to me…I get to devote all of my attention to just one little guy.  And after juggling two, one seems like a piece of cake.  I often find myself thinking, “How did I ever think having just one was hard?”  But it is all in what you know, I suppose.  Perhaps one day we’ll have a houseful of young’uns and we’ll look back and think…two was a breeze 😉

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