Real Life

Perhaps my favorite thing about this wild world of blogging is the real life connections that I have made along the way.  When I was in Northern Michigan I received the sweetest email from a blog reader who lives near our cottage.  She asked if I might be visiting her town of Suttons Bay, and if yes, would I have time to meet up.

As it happened, my mom and I had a daytrip planned to Zane’s neck of the woods, and while there we were lucky enough to be welcomed into her beautiful home.  As bloggers we only show a small slice of our lives, and yet after years of sharing I suppose my blog is a pretty good indicator of who I am as a person.  In this case, Zane and I couldn’t have shared more in common- as is evident by her lovely blog.  In fact, we discovered that we attended the same elementary and middle school, just a year apart.  But more important than our past connections were our present day ones…we’re both raising two little ones, gardening and chicken keeping, attempting to live beautiful, simple lives with our families.

With less time on my hands these days, the number of blogs that I read has dwindled.  Over the years I have whittled down my reader to a select few whose words, pictures and lifestyles inspire me.  Gone are the trendy, popular blogs with fashion tips.  Gone are the overly slick lifestyle blogs that push products.  I was so thrilled to meet another mother, and blogger, who shares so many of the same ideas and values that I do…and I was all to excited to add her space to my reader.  Even more impressive than her gorgeous words and pictures was the real life space that she calls home.  It is the kind of homestead that dreams are made of…a lovely garden, a lavender laced path leading to a beautifully designed chicken coop, raspberry bushes, a view of the lake, a perfectly curated house with an open kitchen (oh so envious of that kitchen!), and two sweet little ladies to share it all with.  Of course having a handy husband who can whip you up a chicken coop is just the icing on the cake!  Zane, thank you for your warm welcome.  I am honored that you visit me here, and I can’t wait to see you again next year with my two wild boys in tow.  Readers, have you ever attempted a real life blogger meet-up?  How did it go? Any funny stories to share?

2 thoughts on “Real Life

  1. Kim Corrigan-Oliver


    I have been lucky enough to have three in real life blog meet ups this year and they have all been wonderful.

    It is so nice to connect with like minded people from the blog world who I already call “friends”.

  2. Zane Kathryne Schwaiger

    Such a sweet post, Christine. Thank you! It was a pleasure to have you and your Mom over for a visit, and I'm so glad to have met you in real life! We look forward to seeing you again next summer . . . and until then keeping in touch!


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