Mara Shawl

I’ve never really thought of myself as a shawl person.  I tend to be a bit tomboy-ish in my style, although I have been known to rotate through the same three cotton dresses for an entire summer (ahem!).  But when I saw my friend knitting the Mara Shawl, and I saw how it was styled (worn in the front, almost like a big bandana), I though I would give it a go.

I used a gorgeous Madelinetosh yarn, in an interesting, not-quite-what-I-expected color (one of the downfalls of ordering yarn online).  The color is growing on me, as is the concept of wearing a shawl.  I think I’ll always be a bit more inclined to throw on a scarf or pashmina, but this is a fun option for the right outfit.  Thanks to the cool nights of Northern Michigan, I was able to get quite a bit of knitting done during our month away.  I have several more projects on my needles (I love having many projects going at once, a different one for each of my moods!), but now that we are back in Rhode Island, it’s just too hot for wool.  Not that I would wish away this last beautiful month of summer for anything, let alone knitting!

7 thoughts on “Mara Shawl

  1. J {*sparklingly}

    Lovely work (and photos!). I've never done a shawl either (for mainly the same reasons as you), but I might be convinced to cast on now. I work down the street from Purl Soho and was considering a lunch time stroll down to pick up buttons for the baby cardigan I'm knitting…but maybe I'll pick up some new yarn for a shawl for me, too? 😉 Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend!


  2. Felicia (aka Flickafish)

    Hi love! I haven’t checked in for a good while – life has taken over as it does. Shawl looks gorgeous, as do you, as does the new look website. Can’t wait to see the book. It sounds fabulous!

    Hope things are good with you. xx


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