Coming Home

This lake has my heart- there is just no way around it.  My fondest childhood memories are held here, it is where I was married, and it’s where I continue to feel most at home.  Every night, the sun puts on a show as it sets, as if to emphasize the fact it was another spectacular day (the picture above is by my mom, the queen at capturing sunsets).  Our whole family is gathered here- which makes this time together extra special.  Friends and relatives come and go, the kids run around like a wild pack of animals- bare bummed and sandy, lightly toasted by the rays, cherry juice staining their chubby hands and chins.  Life is so good…so sweet.  I’m thinking I might take some time off from this space to enjoy my vacation, but I’m hoping to put together a little Northern Michigan guide while I’m here- shops, places to eat, the best towns for day trips, my favorite lakes and farms- that sort of thing.  Would that be of interest to anyone?  My love for this place runs so very deep, and I would love to share that with you.  Here’s to coming home for the summer….*ahhh*

17 thoughts on “Coming Home

  1. Anonymous

    I WILL be going there for the month of August…..and being a Michigan lover (and unfortunately living elsewhere), I would be VERY interested in a guide to Northern Michigan places……………may I have a few suggestions before the official guide comes out??? Love the pic of the sunset…..our cottage is on the East side of the state but our sunrises are magnificent as well.

  2. elizatwist

    A Northern Michigan guide would be fabulous. I am looking forward to summering there in future years. Crystal lake was our haunt when I was a child. Enjoy!!!

  3. Rebecca

    I just got back from Northern Michigan…wish I was still there. You've got to go to Gwen Frostics, Christine. I just know you'll love it.

  4. Cynthia

    I adore living in the great Northwest now, but I too, share fond childhood memories of Michigan. I would love to read your guide and return to beautiful Michigan to explore. Enjoy your vacation!

  5. Zane Kathryne Schwaiger

    Hey Christine! I'm a Northern Michigan native, living back here now after being away for a decade. We are just south of Suttons Bay . . . Where are you? I've always sort of wondered if I could meet up with someone I've admire from afar via blogland! You and your sweet family are officially invited over!

    You can peek at us here:

    Also, I wanted to mention that my sister-in-law has a Northern Michigan blog about places to go/things to do:—in case you or anyone else is interested.

    So sweet that you get to be up here with your extended family!!!

  6. Rory

    Your photos of that area always look so beautiful. It makes me want to vacation there, so I'd be interested in a guide to Northern Michigan!

  7. Michelle Shopped

    Yes yes and yes it would be of interest…northern Michigan is one of those undiscovered, under-rated even places by those not “in the know” — sometimes I want to keep those places that way by keeping them under wraps, yet I would love to read a guide on this beautiful vacationland from a local girl. I grew up on the cape, and I imagine a place like Northern MI to be like the peninsula I grew up on back in it's sleepier, bohemian days. To Home!

  8. Anonymous

    I'm from Minnesota originally and my brother lives on the north shore of Lake Superior…this reminds me so much of those scenes. Hope it was a great vacation,

  9. Emily

    Cheers for Michigan! I grew up in Elk Rapids. It's a great small town and the whole Northwest is such a gem. I miss it and can't wait to eventually move back!


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