It’s official…summer is upon us and with the blessed heat comes days spent at the pool, late afternoon walks to the park, and long, lazy evenings spent grilling in the backyard.  We are basking in this gorgeous (okay, maybe a bit hot!) weather.  The boys love this time of year and all of the activity that comes along with it- swimming, biking, long walks, and hours spent in the sandbox.  There is little time leftover for taking pictures (as much as I would love to show you the two of them in their matching swim trunks, watching two little ones at the pool is no joke, especially when one thinks he can swim..ahem, Vijay).

However, I thought I would pop in and share a few newly finished projects, including this fabulous fabric basket.  A quick and easy sew, this sturdy basket is perfect for toting around knitting and sewing supplies.  Honestly though, my guess is that it will end up as a diaper, snack, toy and sunscreen caddy for the car…but I’m holding out as long as I can!

And now for my glorious color wheel quilt.  This pattern is a good one for using up little scraps of your favorite fabrics, and the outcome is just gorgeous.  It’s hanging in my studio, which is hotter than blazes right now (third floor+ heat rising= sauna).  I still have some shuffling and rearranging to do before I give you a peek.  But I’m thinking all of that can wait until the fall.  I don’t plan on wasting one ounce of summer on indoor fussing!  Next week we head to Michigan to spend some time with my parents- the greatest summer treat of all.  What with all the packing, cleaning, and odds and ends that need to be attended to, I’m thinking it might be a week or so before I resurface here.  In the meantime, get outside…soak up the glorious sun.  Oh summer…we’re so glad you’re here.

5 thoughts on “Summering

  1. Julie

    Your colour wheel looks great. You sound so much happier now the weather and season has changed. You must be like be and suffer the winter blues a bit. Here in NZ we have just had a very cold wintery few days. Have a fabulous holiday with your family.

  2. Michelle Duncan-Wilson

    That quilt is gorgeous! And my 9 month pregnant appetite thinks the ice cream cone looks just perfect.Can't wait to see pics of the studio one day!

  3. Liza Miller

    I've been admiring that quilt forever on the Purl Bee site! Yours is amazing! How do you find time to sew? I need some tips 🙂 My son is only 3 weeks old, so I'm in the “doing everything one-handed” stage for a while.


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