Evolution of a Yard

Our yard has gone through many phases.  When we first looked at the house, I can assure you the yard was not a selling point.  It was a very plain postage stamp of a yard.  I had a vision for the space, but as with any great vision, it took years to realize.  While there are still many tweaks and changes that we would like to make (hard to believe there could be more to do given the tiny space!), we’re feeling pretty happy with where it’s at these days.  Here’s a quick recap:

(what it looked like when we bought it)
(phase one: adding a deck)
(currently, grass is grown in and privacy planting is filling in, and just out of sight is the huge hole dug in the yard- that would be Vijay’s rather unsightly construction site!)
The latest addition to our yard is our brand new chicken coop.  There’s a great story behind it…  I received an email from a friend alerting me to a very cool opportunity a few months ago.  DownCity Design, a local non-profit, was teaming up with a high school to build three chicken coops for the community.  Anyone interested was invited to submit an application.  I had been toying with the idea of getting chickens again, so the timing seemed perfect.  Why not, right?  What’s the likelihood I would be chosen?  We were thrilled when we received the news that we HAD been chosen to receive a custom built coop, absolutely free of charge.  Pretty amazing, right?
The high school students work with architects to build the coop based on the customers needs, and in the process they learn design, build and business skills.  After our initial consultation, the students took the next month to design and build our coop.  Last week was the delivery, and it was pretty thrilling.  The students pulled up in a U-haul, piled out and unloaded our coop.  To say it is a masterpiece doesn’t do it justice.  They thought of everything, and my favorite touch- the nesting boxes are low enough that Vijay can collect eggs.
The students were so excited to show Vijay all of the special features, and he was equally as thrilled to be hanging with the big kids.  Of course our chickens are already spoiled, and used to roaming around the yard during the day, but now they have a beautiful home to come back to in the evening.

4 thoughts on “Evolution of a Yard

  1. lauren

    your yard is awesome! i especially love that the students were sweet to vijay. great to hear…especially when i question the empathy levels of folks from that generation on a daily basis! 🙂 *

  2. J {*sparklingly}

    Oh wow, what a dreamy backyard! Especially that it's located in the heart of a charming city! I saw Elizabeth's post this morning and commented that I hadn't realized y'all had a snazzy new coup——I was still thinking of your pretty teal'ish hand painted one. Great to read the story and find out how this lovely new one came to be. How fortuitous for y'all!


  3. Abby

    Such a cool idea to partner with high school students to build the coops, and lucky you! Your yard looks beautiful. Just the kind of place I dream of having someday when I own my house.

  4. Corinna

    Very inspiring to see just how much you have fitted into such a small space. looks so lovely and practical. And chickens are a fantastic 'pet' for children. And like all gardens, I imagine yours is still a work-in-progress.


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