I celebrated my birthday (again!) this week with a good friend.  We went out to dinner, and laughed and ate the night away.  It was one of those perfect meals.  Well, except that I spilled half of the most perfect cocktail…oops.  You’d think after so many meals with little hands flying across the table, I would be a bit more attuned to tipsy glasses.  Alas…the sweet waitress brought me another and it was even more refreshing than the first!  With strawberries being in season, I thought I would share this gorgeous drink with you in case you are looking for a relaxing evening of your own!

*Farm fresh strawberries
*Mint leaves

I’m not great with cocktail measurements, I pretty much just wing it…so here we go!  Muddle a handful of strawberries with a few mint leaves, and place into the bottom of your champagne flute or wine glass.  Top with a few generous pours of St-Germaine, and finally, a swig of champagne.  You can serve this over ice, or without, if your booze is nice and chilled.  Enjoy- this is such a light, refreshing drink, perfect for strawberry season!

5 thoughts on “Bubbly

  1. Gemma Lill

    Oh.My.Goodness. Looks beautiful and sounds delicious!
    Have strawberries coming out of my ears and just love it.
    Nice for a midsommar celebration, too.


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