What a treat it is to return to Squam year after year and soak up the creative mojo that only Elizabeth knows how to throw down.  And throw down she did- this gathering was EPIC.  Let’s start with the fact that I was able to go alone- no babes along for the ride.  I wasn’t quite sure I was going to pull off my solo escape, but Vik took to the bottle like a champ.  And just like that…a bit of wild freedom!

I was a bit late to the party, arriving on Thursday evening, but rooming with my very favorite person in the world eased me right into the swing of things.  We’d been wanting to room together since we met at Squam four years ago but babies kept getting in the way of our grand plans.  We talked and knit late into the first night, and it was pure bliss.  Don’t let her sweetness fool you, that Kellen has a wicked sense of humor- and you know I like me some sass.  Our cabin mates in Nirvana were equally wonderful- such a hilarious, talented, genuine group of women.

The rest of our time flew by- I didn’t take a single class, just wandered and tried my best to capture some of the magic with my pictures.  Somehow I always fall short- it’s just too damn magical.

Harriet Goodall‘s class pretty much turned me green with envy- starting with a pile of organic materials her students wove these incredible baskets.  It was such a visually stunning class…

On Saturday, there was not one, but two giant parties.  First, the Ravelry Revelry…a knitting party complete with kegs, candy, and knitting relays (no, seriously).  And in case you are shaking your head in wonder, let me tell you, those knitters know how to party.

And later in the day, the Squam Art Fair, where no wallet is safe.  To say everyone was enthusiastic about the fair would be an understatement- they were lined up half an hour before opening.

Maybe it was just for the free beer (but I’m guessing the piles of luxurious yarn, and other handmade goodies might have had something to do with it)…

As amazing as the experience was, by Saturday night, I was missing my boys something terrible.  I was all to happy to wave goodbye to that magical place and return home, to a little magic of my own in the form of two boys who were beyond thrilled to see their mama.  Though there is no doubt my step is a bit lighter, my knitting skills a bit sharper, and my outlook a bit sunnier.  A dose of Squam was just what I needed to kick this summer off to an incredible start.

22 thoughts on “Squam

  1. Corinna

    I've read about this gathering from several different sources over the past few years – and I'm seriously jealous. Down here in Australia it's coming up to winter, in my corner of the country it's a season which is far too mild to need any woollen knits, which is the first problem. Then the fact that a gathering of such like minded, creative people is something I'm yet to discover in this part of the world. Oh, but how I have enjoyed my visit through your camera lens. I'm all inspired to dig out the needle and thread in the quietness of this evening. Beautiful.

  2. michaela

    What a great recap of a glorious getaway. And you are so right about Ms. Kellen — her sense of humor is devilishly wonderful. So glad to have met you both! xxoo

  3. steph

    i was there last year (you go every year???? i was the 'owl' maker!!!) I really missed being there….it looks like it was over the top wonderful—and I thought nothing could top last year! needless to say—your photos have left me totally JEALOUS!!!!

  4. Craftysquirrel

    Love your photos and description, visiting via Soule Mama , glad to have found your lovely blog. Just a little envious of your squam experience- feels a long way away way down here in NZ, maybe one year I will be able to go.

  5. Jessica Jones

    Yes, I also arrived here via Soule Mama, and I have a burning question. What lens do you use? I noticed a Canon 5D somewhere in your blog so I'm guessing that's what you shoot with. I just love the creamy bokeh you get, especially with those flower bloom photos several posts into your blog. SO gorgeous. Sounds like you are learning and improving with photography as well, and it shows. So, would you mind sharing what lens you are using? Thanks!!

  6. djdrea

    looks like lots of fun! I would love to attend but I am a ways away on the west coast.
    Lovely photographs, you have a way with color.

  7. Nana Go-Go

    Well, I couldn't be any further away (Scotland) but this looks like Heaven on Earth to me. If I start saving now, maybe I could make it for next year! Thank you for sharing.

  8. Ana

    Beautiful photos, you definitely captured the vibe! My first Squam was last fall and I loved it, and I can't believe how much more I loved it this time around! What a magical experience!

  9. Bubiknits

    magic, there is no other words to describe Squam! 🙂 and you are right, leave the kids for a few day is just like being reconnected and recharged again with ourself. Love your post and going to follow you by bloglovin'


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