For mother’s day, I asked for a Saturday morning to myself in order to visit three different plant sales and purchase all of my seedlings for the growing season.  It was pure bliss as the plant sales took place at a beautiful flower farm, a picturesque historic farm, and the best nursery in Rhode Island.  With an iced latte in hand, I hit the open road and enjoyed an entire morning to myself.  First stop, Robin Hollow Farm for flowers and herbs…

I then swung by Casey Farm (where I used to teach farm education!), and picked up all of my veggie seedlings for my community garden plot.  The last stop was Farmer’s Daughter, a gorgeous, sprawling nursery.  I loved browsing their pots for inspiration (I like the combination of edible flowers and herbs), and I fell in love with their assortment of “fairy flowers.”  Wouldn’t it be fun to create a little fairy garden with these tiny plants?

The rest of the weekend was spent with my boys, enjoying our time outside.  Vijay “helped” me plant my seedlings, and then promptly dug about half of them up.  I’m keeping a gardening journal this year, tracking what I grow in my pots, as well as my community garden plot.  I’m using Polaroids to illustrate my notes, and I’m hoping it will help my gardening knowledge grow from year to year.

My community garden plot is off the HOOK- I am so proud I could burst.  Turns out I can grow veggies (my shady backyard had me believing otherwise).  Just look at this radish haul.

I cooked them up using this Scaling Back recipe, and they were superb!

In other news, Vik is moving about like a champ, mostly using an army crawl, but oh…I am just not ready for two toddlers!

9 thoughts on “Gardening

  1. Julie

    Beautiful photos – I am just this moment contemplating planting some perennials in my front garden that gets no sun in winter and full sun in summer. As I am in NZ we are heading towards winter – my winter vege plot is coming along nicely though.

  2. Abby

    What a great idea, to track your garden through a gardening journal. And Polaroids! I've been thinking about a similar project, and now you've inspired me.

  3. Anonymous

    Super cute picture of you two! I adore your blog and am always inspired to get creative. Thanks Christine.


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