In the Studio

Ever since the “firetruck sweater debacle” I have decided that I am only sewing and knitting for myself, and babies that are young enough not to have an opinion.  Vijay’s sweater still sits in his drawer, and it has been worn once- for the pictures.  If I even mention it in passing conversation, like, hey, how about we wear that cool firetruck sweater, he immediately starts to cry.  It reminds me of the “Reasons My Son Is Crying” tumblr, which is hysterical.  Vijay’s caption would read, “Because my mom lovingly knit me a sweater emblazoned with my favorite truck.”  Good times.

And so when I retreat to my studio (where I always keep a vase of stolen blossoms!), I focus on sewing things like quilts, and clothing.  I am really into the idea of making clothes for myself.  After my first tank attempt, I am ready to try something else.  I have my eye on this shirt, or the dress version.  Or perhaps the tunic version.  I also want to try the Wiksten Tova pattern.  I am also dying to knit myself a sweater, and finally I found one that I think would be flattering and stylish (I am picky when I knit for myself).  Now to wait for the pattern to be released.  And to find time to start said projects.  Sigh.

Not that I haven’t been busy- a little bluebird for Vijay (I know, I just swore no more Vijay-crafting, but he picked it out at the RISD Sale, and I couldn’t resist), baby book updates, and little baby hat for a friend.  It seems to be baby season around here, which I love- tiny knits galore!  In other news….lilacs!  I have been stealing little clippings here and there, now our whole house smells of lilac.  Love it.

8 thoughts on “In the Studio

  1. Anonymous

    I was so excited when I saw your header, “Studio”. I love to see your projects. I think you need to find a gorgeous teddy bear who can wear the woo woo sweater and have him out on display all the time!! I can't believe you would launch onto a Dresden plate quilt!!! You must have had 5 hours sleep in a row, or something, to make you that ambitious! I think the dress version is totally your style and will look gorgeous on you.
    Have a great weekend and a lovely Mothers' Day!

  2. sheetal patel

    One day he may just want to put that sweater on his own kid :). Love seeing the glimpses from your studio. Would love to know more about how you document for the boys, too!

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with b.k. – the boys books look beautiful. Would you be willing to post a more detailed description about them?
    Thank you!

  4. Christine Chitnis

    Thanks so much for your comments, and your interest in how I document the boys lives. I will work on putting together a post on all of the various things I do, from baby books to photo albums!



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