Squam, A New Offering

If I could pinpoint the moment when my creative life began flourishing, it would be the first time I attended Squam back in 2009.  I was a newlywed, and had just left my job in the non-profit world.  I was making a go at it as a freelance writer, focusing mainly on grant writing and other non-profit writing gigs.  But I really wanted to be writing for magazines- lifestyle, art, food- these were the subjects I longed to cover. 

I signed up to attend Squam with my mom, and promptly sent Elizabeth an email introducing myself, and asking if I could pitch the Squam story to a few magazines.  The rest is history- articles in national magazines, a book, an undying love of photography, a little sewing studio of my own, and a forever friend.  Elizabeth now lives down the block- I can see the lights of her house from my window as I type.  I feel so blessed to have her in my life- we’ve had our share of adventures, oh yes.  I have now attended Squam in every capacity- as a student, volunteer, and teacher.

I am thrilled to be attending the sold-out June session, perhaps peeking in on a few classes, but mostly just photographing the weekend.  But perhaps I am even more thrilled to be teaching in September, at a brand new gathering, with Taproot and Squam joining forces for a celebration of simple living.  With an emphasis on organic, sustainable, locally-sourced food, and a superstar list of teachers, I know it is going to be epic.

My class, Local Flavor, is a total dream- we are going to spend an entire day exploring the farms and thrift shops around Holderness, New Hampshire.  We’ll visit a creamery renowned for its cheeses and ice cream, we’ll explore a farm that also serves as a community school, we’ll enjoy a farm-to-table lunch, and we’ll scavenge fabulous little thrift shops.  Armed with our cameras, and a sense of adventure, we’ll soak in all the beauty New England has to offer.  I can’t wait…and if it is in the cards for you, why don’t you consider joining me?  You know we’d have a blast!

5 thoughts on “Squam, A New Offering

  1. Elizabeth Duvivier

    wowza!!! you sure know how to string two words together woman– honestly, I already know all this and yet it's like I'm reading about it for the first time and I'm all “yes! where do I sign up? . .”

    ha. oxox, e

  2. Ana

    I went to my first Squam last September. I am so excited to be going in June, but sad I can't make it to the Taproot gathering as well! It sounds so amazing!

  3. Julie

    Sounds fabulous, unfortunately New Zealand is a little to far away from USA for me to attend. Looking forward to seeing all your photos though


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