A New Spring Top

I thought it would be fun to try my hand at making a spring top.  I have been hoarding this particular piece of fabric ever since I found it at Brimfield a few years ago- it’s navy, with little pink blossoms, and the drape is just gorgeous.  It was an odd sized scrap, not quite big enough for an entire tank top, but as it happen, just the right size for the front.  A coordinating solid completed the look, and I must say, I am pretty darn pleased with the results.

The pattern is from Wiksten, and I found it very easy to follow.  Getting my husband to cooperate with my picture request- not so easy.  He gets a bit annoying when there is a camera in his hands- at first he is super resistant to taking pictures for me (wonder where my little guy gets his stubbornness?), and then once he gets into, he start saying things like, “Work with me…I am an artist (in a fake French accent).”  And the kids are all over the place and I’m like….just take the DAMN picture.  Of course he takes about 100 shots, and one turns out…but hey…I didn’t marry the man for his artistic nature (clearly!) so he is forgiven.  Moving on…MORE BLOOMS! 

Flowering trees are about the only things I want to take pictures of these days.  Perhaps it’s because the winter felt so long and dark that I am even more in awe of the blooms this year.  I keep thinking, how can this be the same city that threatened to crush me with its dreariness a mere month ago?

Don’t you love how different trees seem to hit their stride every week?  Last week the magnolia trees were majestic, and this week, the cherry blossoms are simply breathtaking.  With every passing day there is more beauty to behold.  Once the boys wake up from their afternoon naps, we spend hours on campus, finding hidden courtyards and fountains, playing trucks next to students studying for finals (I’m sure they appreciate that), and stumbling across hidden patches of hellebore.

By the time we make our way home, Vik is fast asleep.  To me, that’s the very best sign of a day well spent.  I am cherishing these spring days with my family- I don’t mean to gush.  But life is good.

9 thoughts on “A New Spring Top

  1. Elyse

    happy to hear that things are better and that you and your little guys are enjoying spring, which is always breathtaking on the east side.

    cute top!


  2. Julia

    Love the top! It's gorgeous on you. I am in awe of every thing Spring this year…it was a long, grey winter. You captured a Spring day just beautifully!

  3. Maureen

    The east side is so beautiful in the spring! You look wonderful – hopefully the winter doldrums are over and you're renewed and re-energized!
    Love the top you made – it looks great on you!
    Happy spring!

  4. Helen

    So cute that first photo of Vik – and yes, isn't it lovely with all the fantastically pretty spring flowers. You do take some great photos of them, as well.

  5. Sharilyn Kuehnel

    Hi- I just came across your blog- and love it! I can't believe this has been missing from my life:) I also made the Wiksten tank- so good and best summer top ever! Great fabric selection!


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