Spring…everywhere we look, there is beauty.  I love seeing the seasons through the eyes of my boys- Vijay passes under a flowering tree and he simply says, “Happy mama.”  He knows how the flowering trees lift my spirits.  He loves to collect fallen petals and branches, and take them home in his sweaty little hands to be tucked into a vase on the dresser in his room.

Vik took his first bike ride yesterday, strapped to the little seat on the back of my husband’s bike.  He loved it, although he has already proven to have a different sort of spirit, far more gentle than his rambunctious brother.   He prefers to observe, his big brown eyes soaking in all that we encounter, whereas Vijay was always one for action.  But biking, sitting back with the wind in his hair, and the sun on his cheeks…that appealed to sweet Vik.

With each warm day, we find ourselves outside for longer adventures, soaking up every ray of warm sun.   Bedtimes have been pushed back as we enjoy leisurely walks around campus after my husband comes home from work.  Dinner is a picnic, eaten under the flowering trees.  And my camera is once again my constant companion, capturing every bloom in sight.  Oh spring…you are a balm for my winter weary spirit.

15 thoughts on “Blooms

  1. Anonymous

    I can almost feel your excitment. And it's the same here in Munich, where spring finally (FINALLY!!!) arrived after 6 months of snow and darkness and bitter frost. I have so many plans!

  2. Sarah

    Thank GOODNESS, right!?!
    So funny, was queueing my magnolia pictures last night for a similar post.
    Winter weariness begone! The image of Vik on the bike melts my heart. Happy mama, happy family…

  3. lauren

    gorgeous photos! i, too, find myself seeking each and every little bit of sunshine that i can get lately. it must be in the air. 😉 *

  4. Anonymous

    I share your sentiments about Spring! Thank you for capturing the joy so beautifully – with words and photos.
    – Brenda in VT

  5. Leigh

    Christine, it is wonderful to hear the joy in your voice as Spring returns. It has been a long and difficult winter for me as well…so much so that I had forgotten how life-affirming, doldrum-busting, and simply joyous Spring can be! Wonderful. And I hear you will be spending time at beautiful Torch Lake this summer and hope to see you and the boys.


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