Miss Maggie

Sometimes my husband just shakes his head when I tell him how I spend my (extremely limited) free time.  He never judges, because he sees how happy I am when I have room in my day to stitch and sew, create and dream, but still, he wonders…  Lately, I have been furiously stitching tiny ears and boots, a little capelet, and a tiny Liberty dress.  The finished product?  The sweetest of all bunnies, Miss Maggie (a kit from the talented Alicia Paulson).

Now a project like this would make complete sense if you had a baby girl’s nursery to decorate, or a sweet little girl who knew how to gently play with handmade softies.  Of course, in our truck-filled home for wild boys, there is simply no need for a sweetly stitched bunny.  Nope, no real need at all.  And yet she makes me extremely happy as she sits in my studio, nestled against a stack of quilts and pillows, all stitched by hand in various shades of pink.

I do love purposeful crafting- but every once in awhile, making something that is completely whimsical and impractical is just the most fun of all!  Today, it’s back to laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cooking and finishing a baby hat that I am knitting for a friend.  A to-do list full of practicality.  But knowing that my sweet little bunny sits in my sunny studio will bring a smile to my face, and I will dream about my next (impractical, lovely) project!

(another Posie creation from her book, Stitched in Time)

7 thoughts on “Miss Maggie

  1. Anonymous

    It is obvious why you need to make something like Maggie. Apart from the two beautiful boys who are growing and healthy, nothing else you do in your day stays permanently done. If you are lucky you maintain the status quo. I call it bailing out a boat with a sieve. It is the most supremely vital therapy for a Mom to have some little treasure of permanence that she has created and never gets undone. I would find myself in the midst of cooking, making little pilgrimages to gaze enraptured at the little stretch of smocking I had achieved that day. Tell your husband to imagine a work day in which every single paper he was working on was wiped off his computer every time he left his desk, or to have everything on his desk end up in chaos on the floor every time a student came in to talk to him and he might get some image of the need you have for that little oasis with Maggie. Add to that the fact that you are surrounded all day and every day with boy stuff and you are in serious need of a diminutive frill, a shawl and a laced up boot.
    Maggie is exquisite!

  2. Holly

    I am in the midst of stitching my own Maggie too! No little girls in our house either…but I couldn't resist Alicia's kit. I love a good hand stitching project. For me, there is something therapeutic about the process of slow hand making. Love it so! Your Maggie is lovely.

  3. Maureen

    I LOVE Maggie and was so sorry to learn that I was too late to the party and lost the opportunity to make one for my sweet four year old granddaughter – who would have loved her to pieces! The kits sold out so quickly – I am so sad!
    You deserve to make something just for the sheer pleasure it gives you! I think all gifts should be something that we don't need…but rather something that is a little splurge or indulgence…something we wouldn't buy for ourselves. I'm SO happy to hear that you splurged on a most sepcial lady – yourself! Enjoy every minute with Maggie!

  4. arianne

    She's beautiful. And I totally get the need to make pretty things with one's hands. I'm just lucky enough to have a little girl for an excuse!


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