Thrifting Confessions

I’ll be the first to admit…I am a totally random thrifter.  Sometimes, my purchases are utilitarian- a cast iron skillet for the kitchen, old pinking sheers for my studio; things that have a specific use.  When we were decorating our home, I scoured Craigslist, and local thrift stores for pieces of furniture, always having a particular idea of what I wanted.  I was careful to purchase furniture slowly and deliberately, so that our house would be light, airy and filled only with things that I loved.  However, my thrifting alter-ego is a totally crazy knickknack collector who loves useless tchotchkes and doodads.  I can’t help it.  Because I love a streamline, clutter-free home, I am able to keep this alter-ego in check.  But sometimes, despite my best efforts, she gets the best of me!

I recently did a huge purge of fabric and crafting material as I set up my new studio space (a full tour to come once everything is in its rightful place!).  It was only then that I realized I love hoarding collecting vintage sewing notions: old spools of thread, pieces of unfinished quilts, buttons, and pretty little scraps of paper.

I’d like to pretend that I put them to good use, but besides my one stitch book (below) that beautifully displays my favorite ribbon and fabric scraps, and prized buttons, I mostly have them sitting around the studio in pretty jars and baskets.  I like to pour them out and go through them just for fun, and imagine all of the amazing things I could make with them if only I had the time and energy (yes, I really am as boring as I sound).

All of this leads me to my latest thrifting find, purchased at this funky place Amanda took me to during our visit.  Amanda first spotted it, and when she showed me, my heart skipped a beat.  Luckily, it didn’t call to her in the same way, and she was more than happy to pass it along.  I think it’s my most favorite thing ever.  I am irrationally in love with this little bird.

This little love beautifully rounded out my collection of McCoy pottery, and although I refuse to admit how much I paid for her (I’ll never tell!), she was worth every penny.  Sometimes, no matter what the cost, you just have to let your inner kook win!

4 thoughts on “Thrifting Confessions

  1. Paige Ryan

    Just recently started reading your blog, and am enjoying checking it out! Last Friday a friend of mine found out that she's moving to Providence, and so I also referred her here for a lil research.

    Learned about your site via soulemama and the post on RISD's Nature Lab. That place looks awesome – excited to check it out. Thanks for sharing about your town and finds!


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