Woo Woo Sweater

This sweater has been in the works for some time now.  It was supposed to be a Christmas present for my truck-obsessed toddler, but obviously that didn’t happen!  The delay was due to the fact that I needed to learn a knitting technique called intarsia.  It took me forever to carve out the time to take a private lesson.

I go through extreme phases with my crafting- this winter, I couldn’t put down the knitting needles.  Now that we are on the verge of spring, I can feel my enthusiasm for knitting waning.  Perhaps I’ll get going on the sewing projects I have building up in my new studio space!  One thing I won’t be doing anytime soon- knitting Vijay another sweater.

He wore it once (for these photos), and I had to bribe him into it with a cookie.  He refuses to wear it again, and every time I pull it out of the drawer he runs from the room yelling, “NO woo-woo.”  Which is his way of saying, “No fire engine.”  Do you think he knows how badly I want him to wear it, and he just wants to toy with my emotions?  Is a 2 year-old capable of thinking along those lines?  *sigh* I guess I’ll just have to wait until sweet Vik is big enough, and I’ll make him wear it.  Surely he won’t put up such a fight, right?

18 thoughts on “Woo Woo Sweater

  1. mjb

    It's beautiful, but I'm learning the same thing about expecting my two year old to wear anything I choose! He wore the shirt I made him once, though, and it made me want to make him a closet full of clothes!

  2. Maureen

    What a heartbreak – after all that work! But kids are fickle…it will probably be his favorite sweater tomorrow! You did a beautiful job – I've stayed away from intarsia because I don't have a clue! I love the basic sweater design – can you please share the pattern name?
    Many thanks!

  3. Anonymous

    My heart is broken for you! It should be called the “Boo Hoo Sweater”! I can just picture you dreaming a dream on every stitch and cherishing the image of him wearing it. It is a masterpiece. I'm so glad you at least have your stunning photos of him in it. I also congratulate you on finishing it while he could still wear it. I took so long to smock some dresses for my daughter that she outgrew them before they were even made up – and my fourth was a boy!

  4. Anonymous

    your knitting is beautiful and I'm certain you put some hugs into every stitch. Maureen is right, kids are fickle and the thing YOU want them to like, so much, very often is NOT the thing they like. Do NOT be discouraged…..Vijay is only 2 and somewhere along the line, he will be inseparable from some item you crafted with your own two hands…….and it may be the Toll House cookies you make him when he comes home from school……even his friends will troop in to beg some from you. Trust me on this……..

  5. oconnmar

    The sweater turned out beautifully!! Really impressive work Christine. I know baby “Wick” will wear it with a smile someday soon.

    Ps. Toddlers are jerks.

    xoxo Molly

  6. Erin

    Oh man! That is a great sweater! I've practically given up trying to force my 5 year old to wear his sweaters (he currently has 3 that fit him perfectly, but he'll only wear sweatshirts now!). I just have to sigh and tell myself that it's better for him to make his own choices and be happy than to force him to do what I want!! But, it sure would be nice to think of a way to get him to wear all those handknits! Hopefully the next one in line will appreciate all that wooly goodness someday!

  7. Heather aka Proud Mama

    Kiddos are so tough on their making mamas. I knit a sweater for my daughter when she was three. She hated it! I had the same problem with my youngest son. As they have gotten older (8 and almost 5) they are more excited about mama handknits. It takes time though.

  8. Imwellpreserved

    You should read Rachel's blog from “Maybe Matilda” about making things for her toddler. I think they CAN tell you really, really want him to wear and like the sweater!

  9. EMMA

    What a lovely sweater, my youngest loves any thing to do with fire engines, he'd love this.
    I have two boys also, 8 and 4. The youngest loves handknits and will wear them no problem. The oldest 'wants' handknits (because little bro is getting something) but then will alway say he'll wear it but 'just not today, ok'.
    Is this your own pattern?

  10. Rabbit Is Wise

    What a gorgeous sweater. Beautiful colors and beautifully done. And your little man looks so handsome in it!

    The nice thing about sweaters… if you keep them close to a bit of cedar… they keep well. Who knows, maybe your grandkids will wear it?!?

    I have a spotty record with my kids for handknits. Sewn clothing is another story – it seems that is the only way I can get my oldest to wear clothes. I'll just say she is very particular!!!

  11. Anonymous

    Gosh, Christine, you are so talented and focused. When I had to littles ones under two, I could barely make it through the day in one piece. It's so inspiring to see such creative productivity despite the odds.


  12. kids clothing

    If you use novelty or mohair yarn, sew the seams with a smooth yarn of similar weight and color. If you use a heavy or bulky yarn, use just one or two of the plies for seaming.


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