A Weekend with the Soule’s

A four hour trip to Maine in a snowstorm, with the boys in the backseat, refusing to nap no matter the gentle rhythm of the car, or the soft music playing.  My husband and I kept wondering if we were crazy to attempt such a feat, but once we arrived, and saw the charming farmhouse, snowy fields of sheep, chickens, turkeys and pigs, we knew we had made the right decision.  Sometimes you just have to follow your sense of adventure.  And follow it we did, right to the lovely homestead of the Soule family.

We spent the weekend “helping” around the farm, and by helping, I mean I took pictures, and Vijay played in the mud (March is mud month on the farm- and boy, do we have loads of laundry to prove it!).  He did give the sheep plenty of love…Amanda seems to think Vijay is in need of a pet sheep.  Hmmm, sheep in Providence, could it be?

We also spent some time watching water boil…I assure you, it is much more exciting than it sounds when the water happens to be laced with maple sweetness, and a warming aroma.  Making maple syrup is especially gratifying when the morning after, you enjoy a pancake breakfast.  You can certainly appreciate every sweet syrupy bite, knowing what went into the making.

Because it was a rough winter for bees, we got to enjoy double the sweetness, as we watched honey extracted from hives that didn’t make it through the cold months.  I’m not sure there was much left to extract after the kids got their fingers in there for a taste.

Back in the city today, with nothing on the agenda but a long walk to campus, and a visit with friends, we find ourselves missing the quiet, easy rhythm of the farm life.  Oh please, who am I fooling?  With seven kids, four adults, two pigs, four sheep, three turkey, countless chickens and one duck, the weekend was anything but quiet, and farming is anything by easy. But we do miss it- we were so warmly welcomed into the fold, and we are already wondering if we “helped” enough to get invited back during the busy, summer months on the farm.

7 thoughts on “A Weekend with the Soule’s

  1. Anonymous

    So now we are all totally jealous!! It is really fun to see the familiar house and farm from someone else's view point. I am sure your stunning photos will be seen as sufficient payment to warant another invitation.

  2. Abby

    Beautiful photos! I'm envious of your weekend–helping my dad make maple syrup is the one taste of farm life I get every year, and it's intoxicating.

  3. Rabbit Is Wise

    I saw some photos from your visit over at Amanda's site… and couldn't help but notice the gorgeous (handknit?) scarf you were wearing in the pictures. Did you knit that yourself? If so, could you post a link to the pattern (if there is one)?

  4. Christine Chitnis

    Hi Rabbit Is Wise- I think you might be confusing me with the Soule's latest visitor, Ms. Ashley English! There are no pictures of me (just my son) from our time together!


  5. Rabbit Is Wise

    Perhaps I am… I'm so sorry about that, but glad that I found your blog because of your visit!!! It is so beautiful. Here I thought I was going to be smart and get an answer to my question (that got lost in all the posts to Amanda's blog) and go to the source, and I get the >source< wrong.


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